The Religious Right Is Thrilled About Neil Gorsuch

Via Right Wing Watch: As Brian wrote yesterday, the Religious Right got behind Donald Trump during the election in a large part because of his explicit promise to appoint a Supreme Court justice who would  advance their policy goals. Last night, they cashed in on that promise when Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to the... Continue Reading →

Iranian man documents harrowing experience of trying to get back into the U.S. after Muslim ban

Leaving a gay cruise, this gay man encountered a harrowing experience trying to get home

Emboldened By Trump’s Win, Republicans Vow To Pass ‘Religious Liberty’ Bill Targeting LGBT People BuzzFeed News is reporting that Republicans will reintroduce a bill in 2017 to “protect people and corporations that hold a religious objection to same-sex marriage”. Sen. Mike Lee of Utah is set to re-file the bill. A spokesman for his office has said that the Trump presidency affords the legislation a better chance of... Continue Reading →

What Trump’s Boycotting Supporters Will Be Living Without

This presidency is sounding more and more fascist every day. I don't know about you, but I am scared to death of these trolls. Via Gizmodo: In the wake of the election, Trump supporters have been calling for boycotts of companies and products whose ideals they feel do not align with the President-elect’s. The number... Continue Reading →

‘Twinks for Trump’: Party Hosted By Gay Republican Islamophobes at the RNC Was Wack as Fuck [Video]

There’s no shame in being a gay Republican. Unfortunately, there is some shame in having attended this Trump party at the Republican National Convention hosted by gay Islamophobes. Ironically named Wake Up, the event was put on by ultra-conservative groups under the pretense of rallying together against “radical Islam” after Orlando. Yup, it was basically a... Continue Reading →

Dan Savage: Trump Is ‘Enemy of the LGBT Community’ Pretending to Be Our Friend

Originally published on Mediaite: Dan Savage appeared with Chris Hayes last night to discuss Donald Trump‘s recent attempts to frame himself as a bigger friend of the LGBT community than Hillary Clinton. Why would this be the case? Because, as Trump argues, he’s more committed to fighting radical Islamists, who want to kill gays, than she... Continue Reading →

Five ways Donald Trump could roll back LGBT equality as President

The Human Rights Campaign counts the five ways that Donald Trump has said he will roll back LGBT rights. Hillary Clinton Tuesday night made history as the first woman to secure the nomination of a major political party, shattering barriers and marking a new milestone for equality.   With five months until the election, the... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump To Court Anti-LGBT Hate Groups, ‘Prophets’ And Televangelists

Next month, Donald Trump will host a meeting with some of the country’s most radical anti-LGBT and anti-choice leaders in New York City. Trump, who has already courted a variety of far-right activists and conspiracy theorists to his campaign, is set to take part in a convening with Ben Carson, a former rival-turned-campaign surrogate. According... Continue Reading →

Today’s Chicken Soup Digest: Why Donald Trump Supporters are Fucking Scary

In case you support Donald Trump (which is your choice), I'd like to share some more crazy around his presidential bid to hopefully convince you otherwise. The man is truly scary. He has tapped into and reinforced a portion of America's fear of immigrants, the boogeyman in the White House, minorities, birthers - you know... Continue Reading →

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