Watch: Derek Bishop Is Back with Brett Gleason and New Single “Shutting Down”

Our friend Derek Bishop is back with "Shutting Down" the second single from his new retro-disco album "Bicycling in Quicksand." The new video takes element​s from the album's cover art and blends them together in a crazy 80s dance party. The video ends up looking like some bizarre (and very high energy) James Bond opening... Continue Reading →

Sunday Interview: Let’s ‘Bicycle in Quicksand’ with Out Musician Derek Bishop

Blending disco, euro-pop, and new wave stylings, out artist Derek Bishop just released his sophomore album Bicycling In Quicksand. The ten-song album features Derek’s trademark energy, showcasing bona fide grooves that harken back to the days when the music was funky and the beats were undeniable. Bishop's gift for connecting to audiences through personal stories, splashed... Continue Reading →

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