Let’s Help Brett Gleason Finish His New Album @BrettGleason

Our buddy Brett Gleason is raising funds to finish his new album. Here's what the sexy and out performer has to say: Hey! Have you noticed my frenzied fundraising this last month to finish a new full length album? http://kck.st/1PhPhYPThe good news is, we're past 80% of the way to our goal! The challenge is... Continue Reading →

Watch: Derek Bishop Is Back with Brett Gleason and New Single “Shutting Down”

Our friend Derek Bishop is back with "Shutting Down" the second single from his new retro-disco album "Bicycling in Quicksand." The new video takes element​s from the album's cover art and blends them together in a crazy 80s dance party. The video ends up looking like some bizarre (and very high energy) James Bond opening... Continue Reading →

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