ISIS Grimly Executes More Gays

We need to eliminate these evil jackasses: ARA reports that Islamic militants from ISIS murdered two Iraqi men on Sunday for being gay. An eyewitness told ARA News: “On Sunday afternoon, Daesh (ISIS)… Continue reading

Happy Monday – With Nearly-Naked French Firemen

A new calendar-for-charity (I love this time of year) is out and it features overly sexualized (again, no complaints from me) French firemen. Via Towleroad: We’ve told you about Dieux du Stade and… Continue reading

Watch: This Poor Thing Is Distressed that Tom Daley Is Engaged

The new “leave Britney alone?” This Tom Daley fan is not happy about Daley’s recently-revealed engagement to Dustin Lance Black: This guy deserves at least a Razzzie for this performance. And here’s to… Continue reading

Today’s Gratuitous Pic : Russell Tovey

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My Favorite Photo I Took at Folsom Street Fair 2015

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#TGIF Row, Row, Row Your Boat

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Watch: Cute Guy Selfies Himself Everyday from 12 to 20; Compiles an Awesome Video

It’s interesting to see this dude go from tween to man in several minutes – all of a sudden, he gets a beard and hair on his chest. Watch… Posted with Blogsy

#TGIF Skinny Dip Friday #NSFW

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Watch: Anti-LGBT Monster Calls For A Global Eradication of Gays

Anti-gay YouTube Theodore Shoebat, who was among the dozens of anti-gay activists, Republican members posted a batshit crazy new video over the weekend calling for a global “Inquisition” to eradicate homosexuality once and… Continue reading

Michele Bachmann Believes God Could Destroy The Nation Because Gays

Crazy Eyes is back. I hope she and Ladybird have worked on their gay marriage since Bachmann left office. The former Minnesota rep, who once dismissed the fight for marriage equality as “boring,”… Continue reading