Watch: New Documentary ‘Folsom Forever’ Chronicles History of the Iconic Folsom Street Fair

Breaking Glass will be releasing Folsom Forever on DVD and VOD June 9, 2015. Folsom Forever is the story of how a kinky rebellious street festival captured the heart of San Francisco. This new documentary by Mike Skiff (Kink Crusaders) bares the social, political, charitable and cultural implications of the world's most notorious bacchanal. In... Continue Reading →

San Francisco Catholics Appeal To Pope To Replace Archbishop Cordileone

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone has ruffled many a San Franciscan while he has served the Catholic Church in the gayest city in the world. He is ardently anti-LGBT and anti-same sex marriage yet was arrested for drunk driving soon after his coronation. Today, about 100 local Catholics took out a full-page ad in the... Continue Reading →

San Francisco: Yes, There Will Be A Drag Version of ‘The Facts of Life’

The Oasis (11th and Folsom) will present the drag version of 'The Facts of Life' in several weeks. I can't get over how much my friend Tamale Ringwald looks like Natalie. Via SFist: Because SF's drag queens have not yet run out of old TV shows to reenact, in drag, D'Arcy Drollinger and a cast... Continue Reading →

San Francisco: ‘Baby Jesus’ Is Victor in Yesterday’s Hunky Jesus

Yesterday marked the 35th anniversary of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and the iconic organization celebrated with its annual Hunky Jesus contest in Golden Gate Park.While I didn't make it this year, I hear it was better than ever. This year's winner: Baby Jesus (above) had some great antics with a bottle of milk. All... Continue Reading →

Bay Area Residents Spend A Shitload of Money

No surprise here. I am just surprised that the average rent is so low, but areas like Richmond, Fremont and other outlying and low-income areas will have an impact on these numbers: looked at how our spending habits in 2014 compared to those in other cities. While residents of the San Francisco, Oakland and... Continue Reading →

Craigslist Posting of the Day

The San Francisco housing and rental markets are out of control. People are renting ridiculously small places (e.g. former closets) with excessive rents.At least San Franciscans try to maintain a sense of humor about everything, as this Craigslist post reflects the "this can't be real" reaction of most of us to what is happening here. Posted... Continue Reading →

Pink Saturday Over? Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Bow Out As Organizers

This is not surprising news. The Pink Saturday event has become what we call "amateur night." Hate crimes, violence and drunk attendees makes staffing the event a pure nightmare. I spent several years providing security at the event with Castro Community on Patrol and can attest to the challenge that Pink Saturday brings to the... Continue Reading →

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