I’m Sick of this Queen: Milo Yiannopoulos Gets White House Press Credentials

gays for trump

While I am not a fan of silencing his voice, I am sick of this overaged twink getting the attention he loves:

Homocon white supremacist, Islamophobe, transphobe, fame-whore, Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos is credentialed for a White House press briefing on Friday, the NY Daily News reports:

“I’m a senior editor at America’s most influential news outlet. How the f–k do you think?” Yiannopoulos told the Daily News in a Thursday evening email when asked how he obtained credentials for the presidential briefing.

Yiannopoulos said he didn’t know whether he would get to ask White House press secretary Sean Spicer a question at the briefing. He previously attended a briefing last March. Yiannopoulos asked former White House press secretary Josh Earnest about his belief that Facebook and Twitter are “punishing conservative and libertarian points of view.”

The briefing comes at the end of a week when a speech Yiannopoulos planned to deliver at University of California, Berkeley was canceled amid violent protests. President Trump responded to the demonstrations with a tweet on Thursday morning that seemed to suggest he might pull federal funds from the university.

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