Iranian man documents harrowing experience of trying to get back into the U.S. after Muslim ban


Since this unconstitutional ban was declared by Drumpf, Maysam’s isn’t the first story I’ve heard regarding Muslim green card holders returning to the U.S. over the weekend. A Burner and fellow campmate suffered a similar fate as he returned from Africa on Saturday. This isn’t looking good for our Muslim brothers and sisters. Via Queerty:

Donald Trump threw the nation into absolute chaos over the weekend when he signed an Executive Order effectively banning Muslims from entering the United States. During the ordeal, an Iranian man on a gay cruise took to Facebook to share his fears that he would be denied reentry into the U.S. when his ship docked.

Maysam Sodagari was on an annual gay cruise with stops in Mexico and Haiti when the Executive Order was abruptly signed. Though he has a green card to be in the U.S., he immediately began to worry he would be sent back to Iran, where homosexuality is punishable with whippings and death. He took to Facebook to express his concern:

He followed that up a short while later with anther post:


Currently, green card holders are allowed to re-enter the US but must undergo a secondary screening upon arrival.

After the ship docked and passengers began de-boarding, Sodagari seemed to run into some trouble. He documented the entire experience on Facebook. Check out the rest of his experience here.


Via Queerty

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