GOP adopts “cure gays” platform plank

The Republican party today adopted a platform plank in support of anti-gay “conversion therapy,” TIME magazine’s Zeke Miller reported today.

Conversion therapy is based on the debunked theory that you can “pray away the gay.” (Hint: You can’t.)

The Republicans’ embrace of a “gay cure” in the party platform comes on the heels of language inserted this morning that in effect bans transgender people from using public bathrooms.

The GOP is fighting quite the anachronistic battle in embracing the notion that you can cure someone’s homosexuality. Not only has the practice been debunked and denounced by all the credible medical groups, but it’s even been rebuked by many of the very groups that used to practice the “cure.” In 2011, the world’s top “ex-gay” confessed that he was still gay. And in 2013, the lead international “ex-gay” group, Exodus International, closed its doors and issued a public apology to the gay community.

So it’s a little odd that the GOP is today, in 2016, embracing an issue that’s already, for all intents and purposes, over.

The amendment to the platform, which was accepted by the subcommittee, was offered by Tony Perkins, the head of the officially-designated hate group Family Research Council. It’s no wonder that Perkins is still trying to gay-bash in the GOP platform, but why would the Republican party let him?

As I’ve said before, party platforms serve one purpose: to embarrass the party. And God bless Tony Perkins for reminding the American people once again about just how hateful and intolerance the Republican party remains.

No, thank you.

(h/t David Badash)

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