I’ve Been A Bad Blogger: But, Here Are Some Hotties To Make Up For It

I knew I hadn’t blogged for a while when I got a Twitter message from BosGuy earlier today asking me where I have been. No, I haven’t ended this blog, but it’s been a busy month. I moved from one place to another in San Francisco; I visited my Burning Man husband in Chicago; and, spent the past weekend in Los Angeles. Now, I’m on my way home to Sacramento for a restful weekend.

With that said, I have some making up to do – and there is no better way to apologize than offering today’s boys of the Internet.


Olly Murs Celebrates Soccer Win With a Mostly Nude Photo:

Gus Kenworthy is NOT shy to show his beautiful butt:


Via Facebook

Nick Jonas covers ‘OUT’:


So, please forgive me!

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