Greg Louganis Finally Gets His Wheaties Box ❤️❤️

Via NPR:

Gold medalist and five-time world champion Greg Louganis has been all over the world. Now he’ll be in one place that’s eluded him for years: your kitchen table.

Wheaties announced that Louganis — who is openly gay and HIV-positive — along with two other former Olympians, hurdler Edwin Moses and swimmer Janet Evans, will be featured on the cereal boxes as part of the revamped “legends” series.

In a 2015 HBO documentary called Back on Board: Greg Louganis, the diver said he understood that he wasn’t featured on the Wheaties box during the prime of his career in the 1980s because he didn’t fit the company’s requirement of a “wholesome image,” as he was rumored to be gay. He came out publicly about his sexual identity and HIV-positive status in 1995.

Louganis says he is glad to finally be getting the recognition.

Congrats, Greg. You deserve it!

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