Watch: Sherry Vine’s Non-PC “Truvada” Video

Via Queerty:

With all the respectful articles timed to World AIDS Day now a week behind us, it’s time for some humor to be injected into the solemnity. Of course, there’s no one better qualified than Sherry Vine. The most fearless and raunchy drag queen on the planet has just released “Truvada,” a very topical number about HIV prevention meds sung to tune of “True Colors.” Be aware that you will never hear Cyndi Lauper’s poignant classic in quite the same way again.
“When I got the idea, I started texting Josh (Rosenzweig, creative producer for the clip) and his boyfriend Karl asking, ‘Can we really do this?’ and we all thought why not as long as it is not preachy or condemning anyone for their choices,” Vine told Queerty. “And then upon further discussion we realized we could actually open a dialogue about this very complex topic using our brand of humor.”

VIA: Sherry Vine’s “Truvada” Video Will Make Heads Of Politically-Correct People Explode / Dragaholic on Queerty.

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