Watch: The Accidental Bear Brings Us The Excellent “This Town: San Francisco” #NSFW

I realize Mike wants to cover gentrification, drought and rental pricing, but I have to give dibs to “Normal Nudist.”

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NSFW Episode| In pilot episode #5, “Normal Nudist,” Rocky Rhodes (Mike Enders) visits with friends who happen to be nudist. Rocky assumes all sorts of common misconceptions about nudist, but it ends up that they are pretty ‘normal.’ And like always Rocky has sex on the brain. “He’s a cock loving San Francisco queer. And there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“This Town: San Francisco” is a new web series written by Mike Enders (Owner of Accidental Bear Website). The series will be based in San Francisco and tackling and having fun with real-time San Francisco issues such as gentrification, drought, rental pricing, and within the LGBT community, body image, race, aging and much more, but most importantly, poking fun at ourselves as a community in order to start conversations and making change.


via NSFW “Normal Nudist” | This Town: San Francisco Pilot Ep 5 | LGBTQ SF Web Series | Accidental Bear.

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