KKK Recruiting Fliers Call For Violence Against Gay People Another Reason to Avoid the South


In case you are LGBT and are seeking additional reasons not to move to the South, go no further. Via The New Civil Rights Movement:

“Stop Aids: Support Gay Bashing,” reads one of the recruiting fliers being distributed in Louisiana by the KKK. “Homosexual men and their sexual acts are disgusting and inhuman,” reads the fine print.

“Our race is our nation,” reads another. It’s signed Loyal White Knights of the KKK, and even offers a website address and phone number. WWL-TV reports that number offers a recorded message: “Save our land, join the Klan, white power.”

“It’s hurtful. It’s scary,” Sonja Chaves told WWL-TV. “I have a little boy. We have neighbors. They have kids.”

Chaves wasn’t the only Louisiana resident upset by the fliers, whohc have appeared across the state all summer long.

“I mean, I guess it’s kind of repulsive, you know,” Patrick Sarver says. “I mean, I don’t discriminate against any group and I don’t feel like anyone around here should be discriminated against either.”

Another woman who did not want to give her name said she is “extremely hurt by” the fliers. “As a member of the gay community… I think it shows the ignorance of society still.”

David Edwards at Raw Story reports “two years ago, Newton County Sheriff’s Office investigated similar fliers that were distributed in Covington. But it appeared that the anti-gay language had been added for the latest recruitment drive.”

The FBI is monitoring the issue.

via KKK Recruiting Fliers Call For Violence Against Gay People To End HIV/AIDS – The New Civil Rights Movement.

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