#TGIF: Lumbersexual Colby Keller’s Rocks Instagram

I was cruising Buzzfeed today (a guilty pleasure) and ran across a story on gay porn performer Colby Keller’s Instagram. I couldn’t resist. See even more at the original posting.

Porn_Star_Colby_Keller_Is_One_Hot_Lumbersexual 2 Porn_Star_Colby_Keller_Is_One_Hot_Lumbersexual 3 Porn_Star_Colby_Keller_Is_One_Hot_Lumbersexual 4 Porn_Star_Colby_Keller_Is_One_Hot_Lumbersexual 5 Porn_Star_Colby_Keller_Is_One_Hot_Lumbersexual 6 Porn_Star_Colby_Keller_Is_One_Hot_Lumbersexual

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