If You Bet Today On 2016’s Presidential Candidates, What Would You Win If They Became President?

I am not a betting man but I found this story captivating. If you bet $100 on any of the 2016 presidential candidates today, what would you win if you won the bet?

Peter Loshak, SportsBookReview.com’s handicapper, shares the odds that online Sports Books are placing on each of the major candiates for President as well as a few longshots.

If someone were to bet $100 on the following canidates (potential and announced) today, they would win:

Hillary Clinton $125
Jeb Bush $500
Marco Rubio $900
Scott Walker $1,200
Chris Christie $2,000
Elizabeth Warren – $2,800
Ted Cruz – $4,000
Martin O’Malley – $5,000
Mike Huckabee $6,600
Carly Fiorina $6,600
Cory Booker – $8,000

To make things even more interesting, Irish betting site Paddy Power has put out odds on Pop Culture figures running for President:

Donald Trump – $15,000
George Clooney – $40,000
Kim Kardashian – $100,000

Who would you bet on?

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