Watch: Gay YouTuber Calls Westboro Baptist Church for Advice

Via Raw Story:

In a video published to YouTube on Tuesday, a gay Irish man contacted the infamously anti-LGBT Westboro Baptist Church for advice on going to heaven.

Last week, Riyadh K’s video of his mother reading YouTube comments went viral, and it included a message from de facto Westboro leader Shirley Phelps: “This is what happens when the fag enablers turn the country to the fags. These people are going to hell.”

In all, Riyadh said that Phelps used the word “fag” 41 times in his YouTube comments.

Riyadh decided to give Phelps a call this week to find out how to avoid going to hell.

“You are heading straight to hell,” Phelps told the video blogger. “God hates fags. You cannot change that standard. It doesn’t matter if you can get this entire goofy, disobedient nation… read the words and obey your God.”

I have to say, I always have a love-hate with Shirley. She is so entertaining.


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