GOP War On Gays Rages On As Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Plans To Sign Anti-Gay Bill

Another GOP presidential candidate riding the anti-gay bandwagon. Because Jesus:

GOP War On Gays Rages On As Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Plans To Sign Anti-Gay Bill

Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal announced Tuesday that he intends to sign the ”Louisiana Marriage and Conscience Act” into law when it crosses his desk. In a written statement, Jindal spokesperson Shannon Bates Dirmann wrote: Yes, we support the bill. This is a common sense bill that provides necessary protections for individuals to prevent adverse treatment from the state based on religious beliefs regarding marriage.The bill was introduced into the Louisiana legislature by State Rep. Mike Johnson (R-Bossier City). The legislation would allow private businesses to refuse to recognize legal same-sex marriages. The law is more far-reaching than the controversial Indiana “religious freedom” law which sparked national outrage. The Louisiana measure would grant a private company the right to deny gay and lesbian couples the same benefits that they provide for straight married couples.

And if any of those businesses ‘close’ because of the ‘Gay Mafia,’ it too could make $1 million like the Indiana pizza business.

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