Guys: You Might Be Able To Get Your Foreskins Back!

For many of us born before the 1990s, there just isn’t much foreskin out there. However, if you are longing for that turtlenecked cock, medical technology may be at the point soon where you will be able to regenerate your foreskin:

Foregen, a non-profit organization operating out of Rome, Italy, is becoming one of the largest advocates for the future of restorative treatments designed to help men recover some of their lost sexual tissue. To be clear Foregen is not offering any particular procedures, therapies, or drugs that can instantaneously regenerate a man’s foreskin.

Rather, the company is working to shed light on the broader field of regenerative therapies, albeit with a specific focus on foreskin. At present Foregen, which also operates here in the U.S. has raised about $100,00 from private investors and has plans to crowdsource additional funding.

According to Foregen’s website “the demand for a cure for circumcision is overwhelming.”

“The body part that is in highest demand for regenerative purposes in the US is the kidney. About 100,000 people are on the waiting list for one. There are approximately 1,000 times as many men (100 million) who are in need of an intact penis in the US alone!”

Foregen also claims that by spearheading the menace of circumcision, development into the broader field of human regeneration with be spurred.

“The premise behind Foregen is that if we are regenerating entire body parts from more complex body parts, why not apply this to the only body part that hundreds of millions of boys are missing,” Eric Clopper, a Foregen rep explained to Motherboard.

I am pretty indifferent to foreskin. I am circumsized, and have had partners both with and without foreskin. But, I do have friends out there who really want their foreskin back in its proper place. This may address those needs!


Would you have your foreskin regenerated?

Via Towleroad

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