No Masturbation: San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone Imposes Anti-Gay ‘Purity Test’ For Teachers

San Francisco Archbishop (and drunk driver) Cordileone proposes imposing “purity tests” on Catholic School teachers that will mean what they do out of the classroom may lead to dismissal:

The new clause was introduced by drunk driver Cordileone who has in the past called same-sex attraction “self-destructive”, opposed employment protections for LGBT people and stated that marriage equality is “harmful to individuals and society as a whole.”

Documents presented on Tuesday characterize homosexuality as “gravely evil” and make clearbto teachers that what they do in their personal and public lives after the work day could be used as grounds for dismissal. The language would also prohibit straight teachers from supporting LGBT non-discrimination measures.

Teachers in four Catholic high schools schools directly affiliated with the archdiocese and those at ten other private Catholic high schools with connections to the archdiocese are expected to experience the effects of the language.

Feel free to go here to watch the Channel 2 video about the new “test.”

You may also remember that Cordileone worked actively to pass Prop 8 in 2008 and banned drag queens from Catholic Churches in San Francisco – including drag nuns Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

This is another example of religious hypocracy at its best.

Via Towleroad


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