Westboro Baptist Crazies Have A New Neighbor



Fred Phelps and all his inbred offspring of the Westboro Baptist Church have a new neighbor directly across the street from their crazy cult – a rainbow-painted house can only mean one thing: gays!

The story is getting a great deal of attention on Gawker, the local Topeka paper, and the Huffington Post invited Jackson to appear in a HuffPo Live segment too. “By the end of today, the inhabitants of the Westboro Baptist Church compound in Topeka, Kansas, should have a new view out their windows, just past their FAG MARRIAGE DOOMS NATIONS sign: a new gay-rights center across the street, painted in brilliant rainbow colors, with a pride flag flying from a 30-foot flagpole,” Gawker’s Sam Eifling writes:

The center is the work of a roving do-gooder named Aaron Jackson, a 31-year-old community-college dropout whose other projects have included opening orphanages in India and Haiti and buying a thousand acres of endangered rain forest in Peru. This year, his charity, Planting Peace, also intends to de-worm every child in Guatemala. Jackson was drawn to Topeka after reading about Josef Miles, the local boy who last year, at the age of nine, photobombed one of the Westboro protests with a handmade sign that read “God Hates No One.” Jackson had been looking for a way to support equality, anti-bullying programs, and some sort of pro-LGBT initiative, he said. “I’ve been accused in the past of being all over the place, and they’re probably right on some level,” Jackson told me last night by phone. “Right now we are standing up to bigotry and promoting equality.” So while considering the Westboro Baptist Church, he began dinking around on Google Maps late one night. He pulled up the church, at 3701 SW 12th St. in Topeka, and took a virtual walk around the block. In the front yard of a house across the street, he noticed a For Sale sign. “It hit me right away,” Jackson told me last night by phone. “Huh. That would be interesting to own a house across from the Westboro Baptist Church and turn it into something.’ And then, within five seconds: ‘And I’ll paint it the color of the pride flag.’ Perfect.”

There goes the fucking neighborhood.

And speaking of Westboro, the kooks are delighted about Michelle Shocked’s hateful statement during a San Francisco concert this weekend. As you may have heard, Shocked declared that “God hates gays” during a concert here in the gay bubble:


But the “real” God Hates Fags of course is now gleeful. Margie Phelps sent out this tweets a few minutes ago:

We’ve told you repeatedly if God gives you a platform you’d better use it to say STOP SINNING! @mshocked did.You rage. Will she hang tough?

— MargiePhelps (@MargieJPhelps) March 19, 2013

And there’s this:

Michelle Shocked pretty much shocked her audience by saying, among other things, “God hates fags and you can tweet that I said so.” …

— Westboro Baptist (@WBCSays) March 19, 2013

Westboro will enjoy this, but the real question is, has the National Organization For Marriage (NOM) called Michelle Shocked and asked her to play at their anti-gay march in DC next week?…

Via The New Civil Rights Movement


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