Today’s gratuitous pics of Ryan Reynolds

Yummy… does his beard make him a cub?

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  • Lewis

    I don’t care what you call him…cub, bear, cutie pie, sexy, or handsome……and, my god, those abs. Looks just like mine. (Choke)

  • moby

    ok, that first pic was soooo photoshopped. I don’t understand why though as he is so incredibly yummy already.

  • Matt V

    He was unbearably hot in Amityville Horror. With the scruff.

  • EddieZ


    That man!

  • jayt

    I just came. thanks

  • sade mcfadden

    i cant tell you how much i love ryan reynolds.
    i cant function at freakin school without seeing a picture of him before i leave the house.
    sometimes i even bring his pictures to school with me.
    if i dont then ill have a really pissy day and yell at my gay ass newspaper teacher
    man i wish he would read this.


    i wuv u ryan

  • Jenny

    If you click the second one down at there’s some more information