Today in Teabagistan: Conservative Concentration Camps, New DOMA, Palin Returns

It’s time for another edition of “Today in Teabagistan” – our digest of daily hilarity a.k.a. “Today in Wing Nuttery.” Since most of today’s nonsense is around the Tea Party, we change the focus.

First and foremost, Sarah Palin is headed back to Fox News with her tail between her legs. Or, she has credit cards to pay:

USA Today: Sarah Palin rejoining Fox News as contributor

As Elton John would say, the bitch is back:

Former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is rejoining Fox News as a contributor, months after she and the network parted ways.

Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes said Palin, a former Alaska governor, will return on air Monday morning during the Fox & Friends program. She will also contribute to the Fox Business Network.

“I have great confidence in her and am pleased that she will once again add her commentary to our programming,” Ailes said in a story posted on the Fox News website. “I hope she continues to speak her mind.”

Palin is quoted as saying, “The power of Fox News is unparalleled. The role of Fox News in the important debates in our world is indispensable.”

Do you think you think she took a pay cut from her earlier contract of $1 million per year? You betcha.

Right Wing Watch: Feder: Obama Will Soon Put Conservatives in Concentration Camps 

There’s nothing the wing nuts like more than fear mongering and conspiracy theories.

Don Feder of the World Congress of Families has written a column entitled “Concentration Camp Obama,” where he predicts if you opposed the boogeyman’s Communist government, you will be put in a “cattle car” and taken to Siberia (or maybe Canada):

In the 1942 Jack Benny/Carole Lombard movie “To Be Or Not To Be” – about a troupe of Polish actors trying to flee the Nazis – one villain, a Col. Ehrhardt, is referred to as “Concentration Camp Ehrhardt,” to which Benny quips, “He does the concentrating. The Poles do the camping.”

Since he came to office 4 1/2 long years ago, Obama has been concentrating on destroying the conservative movement – eliminating any opposition to the socialist republic he’s creating. In a few years, many of us could be “camping” in a very real sense.

If that sounds alarmist, read on. And try to see the big picture – not snooping, secret e-mail accounts, official harassment and intimidation, sundry assaults on the First Amendment and using the IRS as a presidential goon squad in isolation– but as a deliberate, coordinated, far-reaching plan to use the machinery of government to crush dissent.

Recall Obama’s bitter-clinger remarks from the 2008 campaign – identifying resistance to his message primarily among those who cling to religion, guns and “anti-immigrant” sentiment. Think of his anti-nationalism (including the rejection of American exceptionalism) and attacks on the family, via same-sex “marriage” and taking medical decisions out of the family’s hands.

The president is harassing his opponents, monitoring their activities, intimidating them, limiting their funding and generally creating a hostile environment for un-Obama speech.

Defending the super-snoops in his NSA, on Friday, the president warned, that if people can’t trust their rulers – himself first and foremost – “We’re going to have some problems here.”

How can you not trust a man who lied to you about what happened in Benghazi, lied when he told you that if you liked your health insurance plan, you could keep it under ObamaCare, lied about not raising taxes on the middle class, lied about the impact of sequestration, lied about the use of chemical weapons in Syria being a “red line,” and, just today, promised to keep North Korea from getting the nuclear weapons it already has.

Never mind. You just trust Obama, and you go right on trusting him – until they shove you in a cattle car.

Maybe Teabagistan will be a real country!?

The Advocate: Marco Rubio: Immigration Reform Shouldn’t Include Gay Couples

Ricky Ricardo is back in the headlines:

Sen. Marco Rubio has reiterated that he won’t support an immigration reform bill that includes rights for same-sex couples, and he predicts such a provision will kill the bill.

“If this bill has in it something that gives gay couples immigration rights and so forth, it kills the bill,” the Florida Republican told conservative radio host Andrea Tantaros on her show today. “I’m gone, I’m off it, and I’ve said that repeatedly. And I don’t think that’s going to happen, and it shouldn’t happen. This is already a difficult enough issue as it is.”

Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont Tuesday introduced an amendment to the comprehensive immigration reform bill that would allow citizens to sponsor foreign same-sex spouses for permanent residency in the U.S., just as citizens with opposite-sex foreign spouses can now. Leahy, a Democrat, had withdrawn the amendment last month “with a heavy heart,” as he put it, but he decided to try again.

Rubio, a rising star in the Republican Party, also told Tantaros any immigration bill he would support must also provide for improved border security.

We all know that gay immigration was always a bargaining chip, anyways. Eventually, we know our use as bargaining chips will subside but that it will be bumpy in the short-term.

The New Civil Rights Movement:

The New Civil Rights Movement: Today: Hundreds Of Tea Party Evangelicals To Lobby Congress Demanding Replacement DOMA Law

Claiming “the ‘Teavangelicals’ are back, CBNs David Brody writes:

Immediately following the kick-off luncheon on Thursday, more than five hundred FFC members will hit Capitol Hill for what is being called, “Lobby Day.” They will meet with their Senators and Congressmen to lobby on marriage, immigration and IRS reform. On marriage, the thrust of the conversations will center on pushing lawmakers to start figuring out a replacement for the Defense of Marriage Act, assuming the Supreme Court rules it unconstitutional. Immigration talks will focus on making sure any immigration reform bill is fully anti-amnesty and full of real border security requirements. As for the IRS, FFC members will be lobbying for passage of two bills: The first one has a clever name: It’s called, “Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act of 2013? and is sponsored by Tom Price in the House and John Cornyn in the Senate. It seeks to stop the Internal Revenue Service from putting into place or implementing any requirements of ObamaCare. The second bill is the IRS Anti-Abuse Act, sponsored by Paul Gosar. This legislation would make it a crime to discriminate against organizations and individuals based on their political affiliation or ideology.

 Why don’t they all move to Texas? That would be easy to wall in and offer the great white hope.

The sun is setting on Teabagistan. Until tomorrow…

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