The Right’s Continued Attack On Public Education

Remember when Rick Santorum criticized public schools during the 2012 presidential campaign?:

“Yes the government can help,” Santorum said. “But the idea that the federal government should be running schools, frankly much less that the state government should be running schools, is anachronistic. It goes back to the time of industrialization of America when people came off the farms where they did home-school or have the little neighborhood school, and into these big factories, so we built equal factories called public schools.”

More and more right wingers are calling the validity of a public school education into question, calling them “indoctrination” centers for atheists and liberals. They consider things like science “theories” and strive to add Christian creationism to the curriculum.

Now, Alaskan Tea Party senatorial candidate Joe Miller is repeating these ridiculous claims:

Alaska Tea Party senate candidate Joe Miller spoke at this weekend’s “Family Leadership Summit” in Iowa, where he shared the stage with Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Donald Trump, Steve King, and various others.

During his remarks, Miller told the audience that “we are at war for the heart and soul of this country” and that this war was started “over a century ago by the utopian statists” who have managed to turn our schools “into centers for atheist indoctrination” while imposing a doctrine of moral relativism upon the nation.

“If we ignore” this fight, Miller warned, “it would be cultural and political suicide,” before declaring that “the President of the United States and his allies are engaged in a form of systematic spiritual and religious apartheid”

Meanwhile, Gun Owners of America’s chief Larry Pratt is making his own argument against public education:

Later in the program, Solomon tried to rally those who might not buy into his Obama-centric conspiracy theories. “The people who the Nazis slaughtered for the most part supported their policies initially,” he warned. “If you think because you’re black, because you’re gay, because you’re a Democrat, because you’re a liberal, that they’re not going to do equally or worse to you than they are to the rest of us, I believe you are mistaken.”

“Well, that’s the history of despotism,” Pratt replied, going on to compare Obama to Vladimir Lenin. “You’re absolutely correct that those that think that if Obama were to continue moving in his dictatorial direction that they would somehow be immune because they have been politically allied, big mistake, and it reflects a government-school spawned ignorance of history.”

I warn all of us to keep our eyes on these wing nuts – they will stop at nothing to dismantle public education and distribute “vouchers” to fund Christian education regardless of one’s beliefs. And while the right has argued for decades that we need to do away with education, they are now blaming Barack Obama (of course) for imposing A ‘Systematic Spiritual And Religious Apartheid.’

At this point, they feel that if they agitate their angry white constituents with bullshit like this, they will stand a better chance of infiltrating Congress. And by fighting immigration reform and denouncing education, they will succeed in keeping non-whites out of the election process.

And, they are probably right.

Via Right Wing Watch

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