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Watch: #2013 As Seen By #Twitter

Via Gizmodo:

In 2013, 230 million users sent 500 million tweets every single day on Twitter—but what the hell were they talking about?

Twitter has published its 2013 roundup, breaking down activity on the microblogging sites month-by-month and in turn highlighting the hot topics of 2013. From helicopters crashing in London to new Popes, it’s all there to explore.

The most retweeted tweet of the year? That was when Glee’s Lea Michele admitted the death of her co-star and partner Cory Monteith, who died of a heroin and alcohol overdose in July. It was retweeted 408,266 times. President Obama’s reelection victory tweet, however, still remains the most retweeted of all time.

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Pope Gets iPad, Starts Tweeting And Joins Grindr? (VIDEO)

The Pope has used Twitter for the very first time. To write his first tweet, he used an iPad and the official Twitter for iPad app. The tweet was to announce the launch of a new Vatican news portal. He also received a short demonstration of the news portal, again using the iPad. He did not seem to have any problem getting to grips with the iPad touch screen or the user interface.

He should avoid activating Grindr in the Vatican, though – the iPad might explode from overload. Now, if we could only get the church up to date on gays.



Cher Takes On Teabagging

Cher took to her Twitter account to voice her thoughts on that fun-lovin’ Tea Party: “Can I pls vent 2 u guys Please! I Hate the Tea Baggers Tea Party fkn Mad Hatter Republicans Who will kill the Spirit of my country.”

This is why she remains a gay icon. Go, Cher!

Taiwanese Animators Take On Sarah Palin Twitter Stream (VIDEO)

A string of disparaging Twitter messages sent from a Sarah Palin staffer have been obtained by The Daily Caller. Advisor Rebecca Mansour vented about several high profile individuals. She alleged Mitt Romney’s “lackeys” were trying to back stab Palin. In another rant, Mansour suggested they “go medieval” on author Joe McGinnis after he moved in next door to Palin to research a book. She even turned on the Palins themselves, likening Bristol to past political family embarrassments. But Sarah Palin needn’t worry about bad publicity. A two-hour documentary is coming out this Fall championing her tenure as Alaskan Governor.

Totally Rad: Osama Tweet Visually Captured

A very cool story from Venture Beat:

Keith Urbahn’s tweet that Osama bin Laden had been killed will likely live on throughout history. As you can see, the visual representation of the tweet’s impact shows just how it spread last Sunday night. It was the first announcement of bin Laden’s killing — one little message set a firestorm of awareness across the internet.

As we noted before, no other medium captured the action as it was happening, although users on Facebook may also have conversed about the raid as it was happening. If anything, this series of tweets will probably show how Twitter had its true “CNN moment,” much like the 1990 Gulf War opening was captured by CNN.

On May 1, White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer tweeted first, saying at 6:45 pm Pacific time that President Obama would address the nation at 7:30 pm. Just before that, at 7:25 pm, Urbahn, the former chief of staff to former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, tweeted, “So I’m told by a reputable person they have killed Osama bin Laden. Hot damn.” At the time, Urbahn had a following of 1,016 fellow Twitter users.

Within a minute, 80 people had retweeted it. One of those was New York Times writer Brian Stelter, who has more than 50,000 followers on Twitter. Within two minutes, 300 reactions to the post were spreading, SocialFlow reported.

Twitter said that it hit a peak of about 5,106 tweets per second last night at 8 pm Pacific time. That was close to a record in volume of tweets, beating out the Super Bowl 2011, which had 4,064 tweets per second. But it wasn’t as big as New Years Eve 2010 in Japan, with 6,939 tweets per second. During the Japan quake and tsunami, tweets per second hit 5,530 and passed the 5,000 mark five times on March 11.

But the event had the highest sustained rate of tweets over a period of hours. On average, the tweets per second were 3,000 between 8:45 pm and 11:20 pm yesterday. There were 38.7 million tweets in three hours and 35 minutes. (Yes, clearly Twitter’s official data is different from Sysomos’ data). By comparison, the Super Bowl hit a sustained 3,000 tweets per second for only 20 minutes. During the royal wedding on Friday, the tweets per second hit 3,966.

Of course, Urbahn wasn’t the first to tweet about the incident. That honor goes to Sohaib Athar, an information technology manager at Really Virtual. He liveblogged about the firefight at Osama bin Laden’s compound. Athar goes by the handle @ReallyVirtual on Twitter.