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The Crotches of Burning Man 2012 (VIDEO)

Above are 2 of the 188 crotches featured in the short film “The Best Crotches of Burning Man - LMFAO Sexy and I Know it.”  The thumping mid-sections were filmed over 6 days at Burning Man this year. Watch all the thrusting below.


Can Shirtless Adonis Boys Survive A Horror Movie?

I guess some show called “Can You Survive A Horror Movie” premiered last night (on Friday the 13th). The fact that the first episode had two pretty guys strip to their underwear, put in to locked shackles and forced to workout is a plus – that means I will at least check the show out on YouTube. Here’s the description from YouTube:

Check out the action as hunky hosts Anthony and Morgan – along with bikini babe Annie – strip down for their sexiest challenge of the show inspired by the movie Jacob’s Ladder. You may need a cold shower after this one…!

Watch below…