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Shirtless Saturday: Steven R. McQueen

Via Super Hero Fan Net


Apparently, Today’s National Bathtub Day…So, Here Are Men in Bathtubs

Yes. I am not kidding. Today, we celebrate the bathtub. There is a day for everything. This is better than muffin day, though.



Gallery: Happy 23rd Birthday, Nick Jonas!

Both Neil Patrick Harris and Brad Goreski have admitted he is their boy toy crush. Guess what? He's mine, too.

To celebrate the sexy stud's 23rd birthday, I present some (of many) photos over which you can drool and otherwise have a good time. Just be sure to have lube and tissues nearby.

Happy Birthday, Nick!




Today’s Gratuitous Pic: Alex Pettyfer

Via VJBrendan


Today’s Gratuitous Pic: Ryan Phillipe

…and he's 40.

Today’s Gratuitous Pic: Christiano Ronaldo



#TGIF Trevor Donovan Is Looking Smoking Hot



Watch: Gregg Sulkin Performs a Shirtless “Milkshake” on ‘Lip Sync Battle’

He’s so pretty. Via VJBrendan

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That TV Chef Ryan Nicholas Is Delicious #HHD

The internet was abuzz with the video of hot chef Ryan Nicholas getting a TV talk show host’s panties in a wad yesterday.

No surprise here as we look at more pics coming out of the hunky chef. Enjoy…