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Watch: Gus Kenworthy Reveals He Is ‘Uncut’

The recently-out skier is all over the place – which is not surprising given he is so pretty. Watch as he gets his hairs did and makes us dream about his freestyle foreskin.

BTW, I actually bought some of the Mr. Pompadour Peppermint Shampoo and I have to say that it rocks!

Happy 37th Birthday, Dreamy Ben Cohen!

Major LGBT ally Ben Cohen celebrates his 37th birthday today.

While some have criticized his recent “bloat,” all of us heavier girls appreciate normal bodies (should we say dadbod?). With that pointed out, I'll take Ben any way I can.

Now, here for your viewing pleasure, is a gallery of hottie former rugby star Cohen. You're welcome!

Happy Birthday, Ben!


Today’s Gratuitous Pic: Neymar and His Booty Shorts

Brazilian soccer stud Neymar sports Booty shorts in Vegas this weekend. Via TMZ.


Bryce Harper Nudes Up for ESPN Body Issue

Baseball player Bryce Harper gets naked and dirty for ESPN’s Body Issue

Via OUT:

The baseball superstar stares out at us dressed in a rugged beard, a layer of dirt, and nothing else. Who knew dirt could be sexy?

In his interview for the cover story, Harper tells ESPN that his body “feels pretty unbelievable” but is still unhappy with some things. “I wish my abs were a little bit better,” he told the magazine. “God gave me a great body, but I think my abs could be better than they are.”

He also takes swings naked. Oy vey.

Be sure to visit OUT magazine for the full behind-the-scenes video.


Today’s Gratuitous Pic: Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman


Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks Working Out Shirtless

It's good to see football players remaining fit in the off-season. Why doesn't this happen when I am at the beach? More pics at TMZ Sports.


Today’s Gratuitous Pics: Tom Daley in Rio

More at Outsports!