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Dan Skinner Gets Us Horned Up With Gorgeous Gay Romance Photography (NSFW)


Male and male romance photographer Dan Skinner contacted DanNation to let us know that he is back with a new project and provided me pics of these hunks to make sure that I posted about his new book:

Now! the reason I was gone? For years, when I first took the risk of doing male romance photography, my goal has been to make gay as mainstream as possible. In lifestyle. because that’s where we belong. And I have worked tirelessly to try to do that, and all of us together, have made wonderful strides that we can now see with marriage equality gaining ground in every state. It’s persistence and diligence and drive that will get us there. I am still doing it with my photography.

But now I am reaching out in a literary effort to do the same. I have finally released, after five long years of work, my first, full-length gay romance. A true romance. One that is geared toward a mainstream audience. Something that will show our feelings and the depth of our true nature. The novel is entitled: Memorizing You, and it is available at, Barnes and Noble and AllRomanceBooks. And I am reaching out to all of my friends who have so beautifully displayed my photography to help me get the word out on this project so very near and dear to my heart. It is an indie publishing effort, so I do not have anyone helping me promote it and I’m dependent upon my friends that I hope will lend a hand by reading and reviewing it..and hopefully, recommending it to your fans and friends.

Much love,

Dan Skinner


You can order a book here: and check out more hot galleries here:



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