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NOM Now Calling LGBT Equality Orgs ‘Anti-religious liberty groups’

brain brown

In an article on its blog today, NOM has taken to calling LGBT equality groups ‘anti-religious liberty groups.’ As their message moves from ‘traditional’ marriage to all all-out attack on the LGBT community, it seems that NOM is fighting for relevance every chance they get:



In the article about the Catholic Church’s request to President Obama to include conscience protections in ENDA, the reference to anti-religious liberty groups is a reference to a number of LGBT rights groups who withdrew support of ENDA following the Hobby Lobby decision. Via Washington Post:

Separately, a coalition led by the American Civil Liberties Union, Lambda Legal and the National Center for Lesbian Rights said in a joint statement that they also would be withdrawing support. The bill’s religious exemptions clause is written so broadly that “ENDA’s discriminatory provision, unprecedented in federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination, could provide religiously affiliated organizations – including hospitals, nursing homes and universities – a blank check to engage in workplace discrimination against LGBT people,” the group said, adding later that if ENDA were to pass Congress, “the most important federal law for the [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender] community in American history would leave too many jobs, and too many LGBT workers, without protection.”

Brian Brown, you are resorting to all new lows.


NOM Has Too Much Time On Its Hands

In an email to NOM lemmings today, President Brian Brown asks that members boycott Chase for including a question about LGBT support in an employee survey:

Dear Marriage Supporter,

This is the smoking gun. NOM has obtained new evidence that shows Chase bank not only violated its employees' privacy with invasive and inappropriate questions on an employee survey aimed at pushing an LGBT agenda, but that the company has lied to consumers and its own employees about the now infamous questions.

Today, NOM is launching an international petition and boycott at to send the message that this kind of invasiveness and dishonesty is unacceptable and will not go unchallenged. I urge you to read on to get the facts for yourself, and then head over to to join this important effort.

The news about this survey has already been reported far and wide. But after NOM called on our members to contact Chase and demand answers about the invasive question to employees about whether they were “allies of the LGBT community”—and answers about how this information was to be used—the bank's leadership went on defense.

Several of you forwarded me responses received from Patricia A. Wexler, a Chase spokesperson, who said that, “The news report is not correct. These surveys are anonymous and voluntary.” Another Chase spokesperson, Jaclyn D'Aversa, reiterated to the Heritage Foundation's Daily Signal that the survey was “completely voluntary and anonymous.”

That the survey was administered, and contained the offensive question, is simply beyond doubt. This screenshot, published Friday by Breitbart News, has finally laid all such questions to rest—even though, as the Breitbart piece notes, several liberal media elites had been claiming that the survey didn't even exist.

I guess as NOM loses its mission to stomp out marriage equality, it now needs to get nitpicky about corporate surveys. They are treating this employee survey as a “scandal.” And using Breitbart as a primary source is just plain pathetic.

I have worked in corporate America for decades and I can tell you that voluntary employee surveys are that – voluntary. The question in question is also presented as “considered.”

This organization, having lost just about every “fight” in which they have involved themselves, is grasping at straws.

More on NOM's new site Void Chase.


Anti-Gays Scheme to Keep Jobs as Same-sex Marriage Acceptance Grows

Maggie Gallagher

Maggie Gallagher

Jeremy Hooper at NOM Exposed has discovered that a group of anti-gay activists have created a new organization under the guise of “The Princeton Group.” The group consists of current NOM President Brian Brown, NOM Founder Maggie Gallagher, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone (he has been in the news lots lately), and other personalities who are scheming to keep their jobs as same-sex marriage acceptance grows:

On Friday, June 13, I celebrated my fifth wedding anniversay with the man to whom I have been partnered for eleven years. A few days later, my husband and I celebrated our first Father’s (or Fathers’) Day. It was a great weekend to honor our strong bond, loving family, and overall peace.

Little did we know that just about fifty miles away from our NYC home, over in Princeton, NJ, Maggie Gallagher (NOM cofounder and past president), Robert George (NOM cofounder and chairman emeritus), Brian Brown (current NOM president), John Eastman (NOM’s current board chair), and a number of other individuals who were responsible for creating NOM back then (like founding board members Luis Tellez and Chuck Stetson, for instance) and are responsible for maintaining NOM now (like Sean Fieler, a key funder, and Diego Von Stauffenberg, NOM’s current development director) were holding a secret, invite-only meeting focused on “developing and deploying an action plan to protect marriage and preserve religious liberties.” It certainly seems like some sort of secret, shadowy version of NOM (Super NOM?) is going on behind the scenes.

I have a feeling that we still have a long ways to go. This anti-gay movement is similar to fixing leaks in a dam that keeps developing new leaks – it is difficult to keep up.

Read more and see the event invite here.


Watch: Here’s NOM’s Silly New ‘Marriage March’ Video


Martin Luther King, Jr….blah, blah, blah…wedding cake bakers…blah, blah, blah….photographers…blah, blah, blah….religious liberties….blah, blah, blah.

Someone is becoming increasingly distressed at the continued erosion of their right to discriminate.

NOM just released this video to promote its pathetic ‘March for Marriage’ on June 19th. For some reason, I don’t expect it to attract the numbers of marchers that MLK, Jr. did.


NOM: On The Verge of Abusurdity

Our friends at NOM are now attacking LGBT political candidates who hold hands with their partners in public (and this one is a Republican). Here’s some wonderful hate from the anti-gay group reacting to California Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio’s campaign ad, via Towleroad:

Via the NOM blog:

It’s a beautiful summer day in southern California. Throngs of people line streets as paraders march by. They include transvestite brides (men in wedding gowns) who strut their stuff. Nearby a float with bare-chested, heavily muscled men in tight underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination hold hands and dance on a rolling stage as rainbow flags fly behind them. Not far away women kiss other women and tattooed men embrace, pulling their half-naked bodies tight to each other. A confused-looking child watches this scene unfold as she holds a ‘we celebrate diversity’ sign, not exactly the type of plaything we’d expect innocent youngster to cling to.

In their midst the candidate walks down the street holding the hand of his gay lover. He waves at the crowd and smiles approvingly. These are his people, and he is at home.

Who is he? He’s Carl DeMaio. A homosexual activist who calls himself a Republican. And he wants to be a Member of Congress.

Do you want a person like Carl DeMaio in Washington serving as a role model, voting on issues affecting hard-working American families? If not, please help Kirk Jorgensen stop him.

Carl DeMaio claims to be ‘one of us’ but his vision of America is very different from ours. He comes from an environment where sexual morality is a thing of the past, where children are indoctrinated into questioning their own sexuality, where gender is considered fluid but sexual orientation is fixed, and where a candidate who supports abortion, gay ‘marriage,’ gun control and medical marijuana can call himself a conservative — and a “reformer.”

And Good as You’s Jeremy Hooper is spot on (as usual):

…”Holding the hand of his gay lover”? What next, NOM, are you going to reveal the scandal of this openly gay candidate attending brunch? Buying groceries with his “lover” in tow? Watching Modern Family and seemingly laughing with rather than at the gay couple? Seriously, I can barely stand the anticipation. What other juicy details are you going to unveil to the world, you discriminatory and divisive group, you?

NOM is quickly following a path of desperation and irrelevance. It’s not all about ‘traditional marriage’ any more.

GOP Members of Congress Love NOM’s Lawsuit Vs. IRS

From NOM Blog:

Three dozen members of the United States House of Representatives have signed a letter to the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) praising it for filing a lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service for illegally leaking its confidential tax return including a list of its top donors. The confidential tax data ended up in the possession of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) whose president was a national co-chair of President Obama’s reelection committee.

“We applaud you in your effort to find the truth about what happened to your donor lists as we in Congress continue fighting to hold the Obama Administration accountable for these abuses of American citizens’ constitutional rights,” the letter said. The letter was signed by 36 members of the US House of Representatives including Republican Study Committee Chairman, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), and Values Action Team Co-Chair, Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA).

“We are grateful to these leaders of the House for stepping forward to express their support of our efforts to hold lawbreakers within the IRS accountable for their crimes,” said Brian Brown, NOM’s president. “No group should have to worry that its confidential tax return information including donor information will be leaked by the IRS and end up in the hands of its arch political opponents.”

The leaking of NOM’s tax return and confidential donor information has been investigated by the federal government, but the Obama Administration refuses to provide the public with any accounting of what they have found, claiming that the law protects the identity of the individuals involved in the criminal act of leaking the information in the first instance. Releasing taxpayer tax returns is a felony under federal law. Several committees of the US House have examined the matter, including the Committee on Ways & Means and the Committee on Oversight & Government Reform.

“The Obama Administration has adopted a Nixonian approach of delay, denial and obstruction to keep under wraps the truth about who was involved in this crime,” said John Eastman, NOM’s Chairman. “Our lawsuit is intended to get all the facts to the American people so they can hold people accountable. The public is entitled to know how this crime unfolded and whether anyone at the White House, Obama Reelection Committee or the HRC had any role in this disturbing event.”

Eastman testified about the issue before the Ways & Means Committee and was the recipient of the Congressional letter.

Words used: “Nixonian,” “obstruction,” “denial,” “disturbing.” Words not used: “marriage.”

Guess what NOM is all about these days?


NOM Is $2 Million In The Hole

While losing state after state to marriage equality, NOM reveals that they ran a $2 million deficit in 2012 – after refusing to release its 990 late last week:

According to the organization’s latest financial documents, NOM ended the year in the red with roughly a $2 million dollar deficit.

According to the 990 form supplied by the National Organization for Marriage Education Fund, NOM’s 501(c)(3) charitable education arm, the Education Fund loaned NOM nearly $1.7 million, calling into question whether NOM engaged in electoral or excessive lobbying activity that violates the Education Fund’s tax exempt status.

NOM made their 2012 990s available late Monday night after repeatedly refusing to make them public following their November 15 deadline.

Gay rights activist Fred Karger, president of Rights Human Rights, and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) made in-person requests for the public financial documents last Friday morning and again Monday – both times, NOM was unable to produce the documents.

Federal law requires organizations to publicly release their 990s the same day an in-person request is made, prompting the HRC to file a complaint Monday with the IRS.

Last year, NOM’s financial documents revealed that just two donors accounted for nearly 75 percent of the organization’s funding.

According to the 2012 990s released Monday, just three donors contributed roughly two thirds of all money raised – further evidence that “everyday Americans have little interest in furthering NOM’s extremist agenda,” said the HRC, in a statement.

These failures might explain NOM’s moves to fight gay adoption, transgender rights and praise Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law.

Brian and Maggie must have the sadz.

Via LGBTQNation

NOM Refuses Release of 2012 Tax Return

The HRC requested (and was denied) a look at NOM’s recently completed 2012 tax return. Via Towleroad:

Federal law requires organizations to publicly release their 990s the same day an in-person request is made. As a result, HRC has filed a complaint with the IRS in order to compel NOM to abide by the law.

“NOM’s inability to meet one of the most basic accounting standards for any organization makes you wonder what exactly is going on – are they simply demonstrating the same flagrant disregard they have for numerous state campaign finance laws, or is there something in these documents that reflects even more poorly on the organization and their failed work?” said Fred Sainz, HRC Vice President of Communications. “Brian Brown apparently had enough time on Friday to pull together a fundraising email feigning outrage at the marriage equality victory in Hawaii, but didn’t have time to ensure his organization was running in accordance with the law. NOM should do the right thing and immediately release these financial documents that the public has a right to see.”

It should be noted that 75% of its fundraising revenue apparently comes from two donors. Hmmm. What is Brian Brown hiding?


Anti-LGBTs Have The Sadz About GOP’s Losses in Virginia

“The losers…the people of Illinois who will see that redefining marriage will unleash a torrent of harassment toward those who believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman,” — Brian Brown, NOM president

You might have seen that extreme Tea Party candidates Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson were defeated in Virginia and both had been widely supported by conservative “family” and “marriage” groups. Today, the haters voiced their disappointment with losing the critical governorship and lieutenant governorships in the state:

NOM’s Brian Brown resorted to his organization’s victimization messaging that anti-gays will be harassed:

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today condemned the passage of same-sex marriage in Illinois following legislative maneuvers that reduced the vote threshold needed to enact the law. The group predicted that the law would result in widespread harassment of individuals, businesses and religious organizations that believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

“It’s disappointing but not surprising that the House has voted to redefine marriage. The losers will be the people of Illinois who will see that redefining marriage will unleash a torrent of harassment toward those who believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman,” said Brian Brown, NOM’s President. “Once the law goes into effect in June of next year, we will see individuals, businesses and religious groups sued, fined, brought up on charges of discrimination and punished simply for holding true to the traditional view of marriage.”

NOM also criticized the near complete lack of religious liberty protections in the law that was passed. “The legislation that has been adopted contains no meaningful protections for religious liberty. We will see a torrent of actions aimed at people of faith and religious groups,” Brown said. “All we need to do is recall the words of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel when Chick-fil-A’s CEO expressed his support for true marriage. Emanuel pledged that businesses like that would not be allowed to operate in Chicago.”

Of course, Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber (above) declared voter fraud with the Virginia loss:

This loss is a big one as Virginia’s election results usually reflect that of the nation as a whole. With the 2014 and 2016 elections approaching, politicians like Hillary Clinton win from the new Democratic leadership in Virginia.

As far as these wing nut pundits go, it’s time for some new messaging.

President Obama Urges Hawaii to Support Marriage Equality



President Obama continued his support for marriage equality with a nod to the efforts in his home state of Hawaii to pass a bill legalizing same-sex marriage:

A White House spokesperson released a statement that elucidated the president’s opinions of the passing of same-sex marriage in his home state. It revealed he would “welcome a decision by the state Legislature to treat all Hawaii couples equally.”

“While the president does not weigh in on every measure being considered by state legislatures, he believes in treating everyone fairly and equally, with dignity and respect,” Shin Inouye, a White House representative, told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. “As he has said, his personal view is that it’s wrong to prevent couples who are in loving, committed relationships, and want to marry, from doing so.”

The Hawaii State Senate approved Senate Bill 1, the Marriage Equality Act, Wednesday, and the House passed the bill on its first reading. If the bill passes the House Judiciary, as it’s expected to, it will go back to the House for a full floor vote, where supporters anticipate a close vote. If the bill passes, it will go to supportive Gov. Neil Abercrombie for his signature, and same-sex weddings could begin on the islands November 18. 

 It is encouraging to think about the impact on tourism that this allowance would have. It looks good, in spite of organizations like NOM running the same old “victim” messaging against the measure.

Via The Advocate