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2015: The Year That Changed the World for LGBT People

Watch the 13 milestones that changed the world for LGBT people in 2015 and news coverage that illustrates 6 reasons why our battle isn’t over.

From marriage equality to an end on the military ban on transgender people, 2015 will be remembered as a landmark year for the LGBT civil rights movement, but learn why we’ve still got so much work to do.


The Billboard Kim Davis Will See Tomorrow When She Returns to Work


Via Mediaite:

Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis is expected to return to work tomorrow, but before then, the group Planting Peace paid for a billboard in her county to send her a message.

The purpose of the billboard, put up by Planting Peace, is to push back against the argument made by Davis and other religious conservatives that allowing gay people to marry and have marriage licenses represents a redefinition of marriage.



Kim Davis Court Ordered To Issue Marriage Licenses, Refuses

Kim Davis court ordered to issue marriage licenses, refuses, continues digging legal hole:

Yesterday, U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning ordered Rowan County clerk Kim Davis to begin issuing marriage licenses or risk setting a “dangerous precedent.” As he wrote:

Our form of government will not survive unless we, as a society, agree to respect the U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions, regardless of our personal opinions. Davis is certainly free to disagree with the court’s opinion, as many Americans likely do, but that does not excuse her from complying with it.

This morning, yet another same-sex Kentucky couple said that they had been denied a marriage license by the Rowan County Clerks’ Office.

The religious right loves its martyrs and GoFundMe campaigns. Let’s keep our eyes on this one.

Anyone think Kim needs a new hairdo?

Watch This 1991 Phil Donahue Show About Gay Marriage #marriageequality

It’s incredible how far we’ve come…

Chicken Soup Digest: Heads Are Still Exploding in Teabagistan Over Marriage Equality

As I wrote earlier, the GOP wing nuts are still bitterly angry over SCOTUS’ marriage equality ruling. The Tea Party (didn’t they used to be about taxes?) is especially throwing out shade in every media outlet it can.

From Right Wing Watch:

Milwaukee County sheriff and Tea Party hero David Clarke has a new radio show on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze network, and naturally used the July 4th episode to explain how the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling was just the sort of thing that inspired the Declaration of Independence and so should inspire a new “revolution” complete with “pitchforks and torches.”

“If you call yourself an American, then you have to start a revolution in this country after what happened last week at the United States Supreme Court,” Clarke told his listeners. “If you believe in the concept of self-rule, representative democracy, limited government, then you have no choice at the very least to be part of a revolution that’s going to be necessary to get this country back.”

“Yes, pitchforks and torches,” he insisted, explaining that Washignton can’t be fixed so “you have to deconstruct it.”

Hmmm. Pitchforks and torches. Well, while this prescription sounds extreme, it isn’t too far off from what others in this back room of the Republican Party are spewing.


Mike Huckabee: America Worse Than Sodom After Gay Marriage Ruling

Ted Cruz: Gay Marriage Ruling Will Spark A ‘Raging Inferno’

Tony Perkins: Gay Marriage Will Lead To Surge In Prison Population

And, the winning headline:

Swimp: Gay Men ‘In Bottomless Pants’ Are ‘Literally Trying To Collapse Our Western Civilization’

Well, that’s our digest for today.

And I am terribly sorry I haven’t posted more often. Work, commuting, and planning for Burning Man has eaten most of my free time.

More to come!

The Fight for Full Marriage Equality Continues

Even with the SCOTUS ruling two weeks ago that made marriage equality the law of the land, states are rushing to pass exemptions to recognizing gay marriage based on religious liberties. And, a number of county clerks have outright refused to provide marriage licenses.

The Daily Beast has a good roundup of the micro-efforts going on to block same-sex marriage:

At last count, officials in seven states have opted out of marriage recognition since the landmark ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges, while those in a total of 20 probably have the right to do so. Yet given the trend lines in public approval of marriage equality—now upwards of 60 percent, with a strong demographic tilt—the backlash, itself, is likely to backfire, alienating young voters and associating the Republican Party with prejudice.

See what anti-gay efforts around marriage equality in your state or county here.

As the article says, and in the theme of a favorite cheerleading movie, “bring it on”!

June 26 to Become “National Equality Day”?

Via The Gaily Grind:

President Barack Obama has announced his intention to make June 26 a federal holiday, to be known as National Equality day, a day to celebrate all those who fought for the right to marry the person they love.

June 26 already has special significance for decisions that have favored gay rights in landmark Supreme Court cases.

On June 26, 2003, a divided Supreme Court decided that a Texas law making it a crime for two persons of the same sex to engage in intimate sexual conduct was unconstitutional. The decision helped strike down all remaining anti-sodomy laws in the U.S.

Said President Obama:

These folks are heroes and deserve to be recognized for their courage and sacrifice. I can’t think of anything more deserving of a national holiday than the fight for equality. Our nation was founded on a bedrock principle that we are all created equal.

I will be urging congress to honor the LGBT community with a federal holiday, until then I will issue by executive order declaring June 26th, 2016 National Equality Day.

Now, let's sit back and watch right-wing heads explode.


The Best Reactions To This Amazing Day #ProudToLove

This post and video sums up the joy we are feeling today. OK, now I’m crying.


I can’t get over it!

Here are just some of the best responses and posts I’m seeing today:

This Ruth Bader Ginsberg t-shirt

This Texan octogenarian couple who are having the best day ever

This tweet

and this video:

Love Wins! <3  Jayn

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All-Star Roster of Hate Groups Place Full-Page Ad Promising to Ignore SCOTUS Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

A number of anti-gay leaders and clergy have signed a full-page ad in The Washington Post promising that they will not honor a Supreme Court decision in favor of nationwide marriage equality. With a court decision due in the next several weeks, this group is resorting to desperate measures including passing Jim Crowe type laws against LGBT equality and threatening civil war over a probable positive decision for gay rights.

Among the signers at the bottom of the ad are Mat Staver, Elaine Donnelly, the Benham brothers, Alveda King, Jim Garlow, John Hagee, E.W. Jackson, Don Wildmon, Dave Welch, Robert Jeffress, and Penny Nance.

Ironically, a new poll indicates that 65% of Americans believe that SCOTUS will rule in favor of marriage equality.

Get ready for heads to explode.

Via Joe.My.God


Photo of the Week: Marriage Equality for Ireland


A couple embraces outside the count centre in Dublin as Ireland holds a referendum on gay marriage. Ireland voted heavily in favor of allowing same-sex marriage in a historic referendum that marks a dramatic social shift in the traditionally Catholic country. (Cathal Mcnaughton / Reuters)