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Today’s Chicken Soup Digest: The Right Is FREAKING OUT About Marriage Equality

With the United States Supreme Court slated to begin hearing cases for and against marriage equality next week, right wingers are displaying signs of desperation and derangement.

I haven’t been posting much this week as our dog went missing on Tuesday and we still haven’t located her. This is one of the worst ways to lose a pet, BTW. But, the crazy news still flows out of crackhole bigots every day. Here’s a sampling of the extreme headlines coming out of the anti-gays:

The New Civil Rights Movement: ‘Christians Must ‘Be Prepared To Rebuild From The Ruins Of The Collapse Of Civilization’ Warns NOM Co-Founder’

NOM Co-founder Maggie Gallagher takes the victim role:

“Christianity in this country is going to enter a new phase where we are a hated minority group,” she told Dobson, who has spent decades spreading hate and lies about the LGBT community. “I think we had better be psychologically and spiritually prepared for that and be prepared to rebuild from the ruins of the collapse of civilization that we’re witnessing.”

Right Wing Watch: ‘Mike Huckabee Draws Connection Between Gay Marriage And ISIS Threat’

“We’re seeing, certainly at the national level, internally this battle on marriage, but globally what we’re seeing is that there is an assault on the Christian faith in general,” Huckabee said, before warning that ISIS will soon “physically assault” Christians in America.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, who hosted the call, repeated his claim that gay rights efforts in the U.S. are linked to the murder of Christians by ISIS members in the Middle East.

“If we go silent on religious freedom here at home, I think that sends a message to the terrorists and the tyrants abroad that they are free to persecute our brothers and sisters in Christ,” Perkins said.

Right Wing Watch: ‘Scott Lively: Only ‘Pitchforks And Torches’ Can Stop Gay Marriage’

Crimes against humanity defendent Scott Lively (above):

The battle today is for marriage, the core of the natural family. Every human being on this planet will be harmed if the elites are allowed to destroy it by mutation. It is no different than Monsanto destroying natural foods or seeds by mutating their DNA, or Big Pharma destroying bodies by flooding the health industry with artificial, often poisonous “remedies.” Our common paradigm in the grassroots for guiding society should be natural vs artificial across the board, including natural marriage and family: rejecting the counterfeit alternatives to the self-evident design of our ecology — and our physiology.

The natural family is the ecosystem of humanity! It must be preserved at all costs.

How? By a populist uprising! The elites need to see the angry mob — liberals and conservatives together — surging through the streets, pitchforks and torches held aloft, ready to tear down Frankenstein’s castle with their bare hands if need be. For Christians it’s Jesus and the money-changers time! Making a whip of cords like He did with His own hands, and letting these arrogant puppet masters know we mean to use it (metaphorically speaking).

Because Jeebus.

LGBTQNation: ‘No, same-sex marriage will not cause 900,000 abortions

I don’t even want to excerpt this one. If it mentioned Nazis, I would.

And that’s your chicken soup of bull shit of the day. And, how is your relationship causing abortions today?

Watch: Drew Carey Officiates Massive Audience Wedding on ‘The Price Is Right’

This is pretty incredible. On a show that aired last week, ‘The Price Is Right’ host Drew Carey married a gaggle of couples in the show’s studio audience. I think I even spotted a gay couple (or two) joining the wedding-themed episode.



There’s No Way Rick Santorum and Maggie Gallagher Will Attend Your Gay Wedding

Over the years, we’ve seen just about every anti-gay activist say “I have gay friends.” But, don’t count on your anti-gay activist “friends” to attend your very gay wedding.

First, Frothy Mix (Rick Santorum) has no intentions of attending:

The former Senator for Pennsylvania, who is widely expected to run for president again, was asked by radio host Hugh Hewitt if he would “attend a same-sex wedding of a loved one or a family friend or anyone you were close to?”

Mr Santorum replied: “No I would not.”

Asked why, he struggled to answer for a moment before saying: “As a person of my faith, that would be something that would be a violation of my faith.

“I would love them and support them but I would not participate in that ceremony.”

Shit. Who is going to be my bridesmaid now, Maggie Gallagher perhaps? And isn’t Frothy running for President for like the 12th time?

Nope – sausage-fingered Maggie Gallagher, who founded the anti-gay NOM, also won’t attend:

So I would sit down with my friend and tell them this:

Here’s what I think. We are born male and female, and marriage is the union of husband to wife that celebrates the necessity of the two genders’ coming together to make the future happen. I know you don’t think that. I know the law no longer thinks that. But I have staked my life on this truth.

The problem for me in celebrating your gay wedding, as much as I love you, is that I would be witnessing and celebrating your attempt not only to commit yourself to a relationship that keeps you from God’s plan but, worse, I would be witnessing and celebrating your attempt to hold the man you love to a vow that he will avoid God’s plan. To vow oneself to sin is one thing, to try to hold someone you love to it — that’s not something I can celebrate.

And I would be party to the idea that two men can make a marriage, which I do not believe.

On your happy day you should be surrounded by people who can honor your vow and help you keep it. I can’t do that.

“Porneia” is a word in the Bible that has been much mistranslated. But I think it means a sexual relationship that cannot by its nature become a marriage. That’s why Christ said that marriage is forever, unless it is porneia. I understand that you might well want to rupture our friendship over this, my honest view.

I choose to love you both and keep you in my life. But let us somehow against all odds find a way to love each other as we are, and not how each of us would wish the other to be.

Well, that leaves Marco Rubio who would, in fact, attend. That is good news for my Cuban fiance and his family as at least one prominent official will join us.

As for Maggie’s non attendance, we’ve just saved tons of money on the food budget.


NOM Wants SCOTUS to Ignore National Support for Marriage Equality

Of course, we all know that the anti-gay NOM (National Organization for Marriage) is grasping straws as the country moves toward full marriage equality. Even if SCOTUS rules against national equality to recognize that the states own the power to decide marriage laws, the polls indicate incredible increases year over year for support of same-sex marriage. And, of course, NOM missies the point:

Last week saw a flurry of amicus briefs submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court in the pending marriage equality cases, originating from various law firms, politicians, civil rights groups, faith groups, businesses, and more. But the National Organization for Marriage’s brief might be the strangest.

Judging by the arguments in NOM’s brief, one might think the organization is unfamiliar with the way the arguments are structured for the April 28 Supreme Court hearing. While the consolidated cases originated from four states, the high court will only be considering two questions — whether the Constitution requires states to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and whether it requires states to recognize licenses issued to those couples by other states. NOM’s brief barely acknowledges either query.

Instead, NOM presents an argument that is irrelevant and untrue. “Recent national surveys show that the American people remain closely divided over same sex marriage,” the organization writes.

But that’s just flat-out false: The most recent surveys from The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Rand, and The New York Times show the percentage supporting marriage equality in the upper 50s or lower 60s nationwide. Opposition is generally in the 30 percent range and hasn’t polled above 50 percent in a major national survey at any time in the last five years.

Naturally, NOM has an explanation for this: flawed surveys. In other words, NOM is hoping the Supreme Court believes that nobody’s been able to conduct a proper opinion poll since 2010.

More here: WATCH: NOM Wants SCOTUS to Ignore National Support for Marriage Equality | Advocate.com.

Here We Go Again: Louisiana Introduces The ‘Marriage And Conscience Act’ Legalizing Discrimination Against LGBTs

Here We Go Again: Louisiana Introduces The ‘Marriage And Conscience Act’ Legalizing Discrimination Against LGBTs

In case you’ve missed hateful and anti-LGBT laws in the news this week, Louisiana is moving forward with an even more extreme bill that actually targets same-sex marriage:

Red-State lawmakers are beginning to worry that the Supreme Court will strike down state marriage bans, leaving them without a legal way to convey to gays how much they disapprove of their love lives. So Louisiana State Rep. Mike Johnson, has decided to address the problem directly.

Rep. Johnson introduced the Marriage And Conscience Act last Friday, a bill that would allow anyone with an moral objection to same-sex marriage to refuse to serve them, religious conviction or not.

“This state shall not take any adverse action against a person, wholly or partially, on the basis that such person acts in accordance with a religious belief or moral conviction about the institution of marriage.” reads the bill, which would apply not just to religious groups, but to all private employers. The bill also allows private employers to refuse spousal benefits to same-sex couples.”It would be a license to the private sector to refuse, for religious or moral reasons, to recognize same-sex marriages,” said Douglas Laycock, a constitutional law and religious liberty expert at the University of Virginia. “It covers not just churches and religious organizations, but also the for-profit sector, and with no limit on size or diversity of ownership.”

State Rep. Johnson insists his legislation has nothing in common with the religious freedom bills that drew national protests in Indiana and Arkansas. He told reporters his bill simply protects business owners from government retaliation based on their personal beliefs about marriage.

OK, then. Let’s see what happens with this “nothing in common with Indiana” law.

Horrid Indiana Anti-LGBT Discrimination Law Signed by Governor Pence Today

Between buildings exploding in New York City and the story of a deranged pilot crashing a passenger jet into a mountain, Indiana’s Gov. Mike Pence signed the first state-based ‘relgious freedom’ measure into law today. In fact, the governor signed the bill in ‘private’ — which is a signal in itself that the law is shameful and dangerous. Via The Indianapolis Star:

The nation’s latest legislative battle over religious freedom and gay rights came to a close Thursday when Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (above) signed a controversial “religious freedom” bill into law.

His action followed two days of intense pressure from opponents — including technology company executives and convention organizers — who fear the measure could allow discrimination, particularly against gays and lesbians.

Pence and leaders of the Republican-controlled General Assembly called those concerns a “misunderstanding.”

“This bill is not about discrimination,” Pence said, “and if I thought it legalized discrimination I would have vetoed it.”

Senate Bill 101 prohibits state or local governments from substantially burdening a person’s ability to exercise their religion — unless the government can show that it has a compelling interest and that the action is the least-restrictive means of achieving it. It takes effect July 1.

The negative response was rapid. The Salesforce CEO tweeted that his company would stop investing in the state to spare its employees the fact that they could be discriminated against for any reason:


These religious liberty laws are in motion in a number of other states and nobody is fooled – they are a desparate attempt by anti-LGBT forces to proactively counter an expected SCOTUS ruling in June that would make same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. They allow people to discrimnate against anyone for any reason if serving that individual violates their religious beliefs. Because Jesus.

One would bet that this law, or a cadre of other ones waiting in the wings, will make its way through court challenges and will likely be ruled unconstitutional in the future.

Perhaps the best “shut ’em down” tweets came from Broadway star and Tony winner Audra McDonald:

I am sure that we haven’t seen the end of this terrible day. More to come…


Today In Hate

The American Family Association placed this silly ad in today's Washington Post. Basically, it warns SCOTUS that it will meet the fate of an angry god if it rules in favor of marriage equality this June. Ridiculous.



Watch: Here’s a Bunch of Texan White People Protesting Same-sex Marriage


Oklahoma: F*ck You Gays – Noone Can Get Married!

Oklahoma hates LGBTs so much, it is willing to screw over straight couples in the process:

The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a bill yesterday that would stop the state from issuing marriage licenses altogether rather than allow same-gender couples to obtain them, Tulsa World reports:

Oklahoma would stop issuing marriage licenses under legislation passed Tuesday afternoon by the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

House Bill 1125, by Rep. Todd Russ, R-Cordell, would instead require those officiating marriage ceremonies to file after-the-fact “certificates of marriage” with court clerks’ offices. Alternatively, couples could file affidavits of common law marriage.

Russ said his bill is intended to “protect” county court clerks who do not want to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. “This takes them out of the trap,” he said.

In other words, Russ wants to create a loophole so that anti-LGBT public servants wouldn’t have to fulfill their duties if those duties include serving LGBT people. Same-sex couples have been able to legally marry in Oklahoma since October 2014, when the Supreme Court allowed a pro-marriage equality ruling from the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals to stand.

via Oklahoma House Votes to Stop All Marriages Because Gays | The Bilerico Project.

Progress: 59% Of Americans Now Support Same-Sex Marriage

In a new NBC News poll, 59% of Americans support marriage equality:

In 2004, only 30 percent of Americans said they supported same-sex marriage, while 62 percent disagreed. Half of those polled at the time said they strongly opposed allowing gays and lesbians to marry.

Democratic pollster Fred Yang noted how quickly public opinion has shifted on the issue, even compared to interracial marriage, which is now almost universally accepted.

“It took about 25 years for interracial marriage to get from 30 percent support to 60 percent,” he said. “It took same-sex marriage ten years.”

The share of the public backing same-sex marriage has even jumped from just two years ago, when 53 percent of Americans backed it and 42 percent did not

This is marvelous progress given that 10 years ago, the numbers were half this.

Check out more details in the poll here.