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Marlen Boro: Less Is Often More


A great shot from Marlen Boro:

Sometime images that just show a hint of skin can be the most stirring for the imagination.  It reminds me of the scene from Memoirs of a Geisha with the line about showing your wrist when poring tea.  Here Luke shows us enough to entice us without giving away all the goods.  But, for some curiosity is never satisfied unless they can see more.  Luckily since you’re already part of Team Boro, we’ve got more lined up for you.  –  MontanaJohn
(MontanaJohn is the media coordinator, and sometimes commentator, for Marlen Boro)

Shirtless In The Hallway



The latest hottie from Marlen Boro. I’m a huge fan of his work – he offers regular guys in sexy photo shoots on a regular basis. I know I publish a lot of male models (they are hot, too), but Marlen’s boys span a greater age range and are more in my tastes (for personal consumption, that is).

Check out Marlen’s blog here.