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Anti-Gays Scheme to Keep Jobs as Same-sex Marriage Acceptance Grows

Maggie Gallagher

Maggie Gallagher

Jeremy Hooper at NOM Exposed has discovered that a group of anti-gay activists have created a new organization under the guise of “The Princeton Group.” The group consists of current NOM President Brian Brown, NOM Founder Maggie Gallagher, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone (he has been in the news lots lately), and other personalities who are scheming to keep their jobs as same-sex marriage acceptance grows:

On Friday, June 13, I celebrated my fifth wedding anniversay with the man to whom I have been partnered for eleven years. A few days later, my husband and I celebrated our first Father’s (or Fathers’) Day. It was a great weekend to honor our strong bond, loving family, and overall peace.

Little did we know that just about fifty miles away from our NYC home, over in Princeton, NJ, Maggie Gallagher (NOM cofounder and past president), Robert George (NOM cofounder and chairman emeritus), Brian Brown (current NOM president), John Eastman (NOM’s current board chair), and a number of other individuals who were responsible for creating NOM back then (like founding board members Luis Tellez and Chuck Stetson, for instance) and are responsible for maintaining NOM now (like Sean Fieler, a key funder, and Diego Von Stauffenberg, NOM’s current development director) were holding a secret, invite-only meeting focused on “developing and deploying an action plan to protect marriage and preserve religious liberties.” It certainly seems like some sort of secret, shadowy version of NOM (Super NOM?) is going on behind the scenes.

I have a feeling that we still have a long ways to go. This anti-gay movement is similar to fixing leaks in a dam that keeps developing new leaks – it is difficult to keep up.

Read more and see the event invite here.


Michigan: Another Anti-marriage State Bites the Dust

God damn. These ‘activist’ judges recognize equality. A federal judge in Michigan just ruled the state’s anti-gay marriage amendment is unconstitutional:

Michigan’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, a federal judge said Friday as he struck down a law that was widely embraced by voters a decade ago — the latest in a recent series of decisions overturning similar prohibitions across the country.

U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman released his 31-page ruling exactly two weeks after a rare trial that mostly focused on the impact of same-sex parenting on children.

He noted that supporters of same-sex marriage believe the Michigan ban was at least partly the result of animosity toward gays and lesbians.

“Many Michigan residents have religious convictions whose principles govern the conduct of their daily lives and inform their own viewpoints about marriage,” Friedman said. “Nonetheless, these views cannot strip other citizens of the guarantees of equal protection under the law.”

The decision was filed shortly after 5 p.m. in Detroit, when most county clerk offices were closed. Clerks issue marriage licenses in Michigan.

Attorney General Bill Schuette said he would immediately ask a federal appeals court to freeze Friedman’s decision and prevent same-sex couples from marrying while he appeals the case.

Seventeen states and the District of Columbia issue licenses for same-sex marriage. Since December, bans on gay marriage have been overturned in Texas, Utah, Oklahoma and Virginia, but appeals have put those cases on hold.

Of course, hate group leader and FRC president Tony Perkins (via email) wasted no time in sending an email to followers condemning the decision:

“This judicial activist stampede to redefine marriage is making a mockery of the ideals that our Founding Fathers stood for. The Left continues to push their social agenda into the courtrooms to demand the change that voters won’t give them. With their ballot box options very limited, these activists have focused their attention on the federal bench – raising the eyebrows and ire of the very Americans they hoped to persuade.

“One by one federal courts are vaporizing the right to self-governance. This is not just an attack on marriage, but an attack on the rule of law. It is not the role of judges to redefine our most fundamental societal institution which has such far-reaching implications for society at every level.

No wonder NOM founder Maggie Gallagher is writing about her life with the demise of anti-gay efforts to restrict marriage to man/woman:

Said Gallagher:

I went into this fight, in good conscience, because I believed it mattered and that I had something to contribute. I did not promise myself I would win. I promised myself I would do everything I could see, to do this good, to fight for marriage as a universal human institution with certain goods and goals. I feel a great deal of contentment about that. I can see some things I might have done differently, but basically I was at post. One cannot do anything better with one’s life than stand up for what you deeply believe in, i.e, to speak truth, whether in power or to power.

Gallagher acknowledged that nationwide marriage equality is on the horizon and said social conservatives will ultimately need to reformulate the role they play in society:

As I said last summer, it was clear to me from reading Windsor [the U.S. Supreme Court decision in United States v. Windsor], gay marriage advocates now have five votes for inserting a right to gay marriage in our Constitution. We are now in the ‘gay marriage in all 50 states’ phase whether we like it or not. What’s next? In my view people who believe in the traditional understanding of marriage, and believe that it matters, have to become a creative minority, finding way to both express these sexual views, culturally, artistically and intellectually and to engage with the newly dominant cultural view of marriage respectfully but not submissively.

Happy Friday, brothers and sisters in Michigan.

Via ABC News


Maggie Gallagher: Ban On Ex-Gay Therapy ‘Strips Religious People Of Equal Rights’

NOM Founder Maggie Gallagher has doubled down on Governor Chris Christie’s (R-NJ) signing of a bill that bans ex-gay therapy for minors:

In her role as Chairman of the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund — a group practically no one has ever heard of — Gallagher was forced to issue a “Major Correction” when a press release attacking New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s signing of a ban on so-called “ex-gay” therapy and the larger group of sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) was issued under her name by the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund.

Yesterday morning, Gallagher wrote at theNational Review:

press release attributed to Maggie Gallagher was released by staff error yesterday without my knowledge or approval. These are not my words nor my sentiments. I will read the bill Chris Christie signed carefully before I issue any statement, if I do.

And now she has.

Governor Chris Christie‘s signing into law on Monday a ban on sexual orientation change efforts denies people of faith equal rights, Gallagher says today — but that’s only the start.

Gallagher applies Christie’s act — which protects minors from brutal antediluvian torture, including electroshock “therapy” on the victim’s genitals, made-up acts like violently beating a surrogate with a batgroping one’s genitals or masturbating in front of a therapist,  and false “hope” of becoming heterosexual — into the larger story of so-called “religious freedom.”

Religious freedom is part of our First Amendment, but people like Gallagher and the radical religious right — with whom she is increasingly aligning — have bastardized the concept and use it as a bat to bludgeon people, figuratively, over the head when their particular form of madness is not supported by those sane enough to know better.

Gallagher says that Chris Christie “is willing to use government power to restrict liberty and strip religious people of equal rights to live as we choose.”

Does what this cow thinks even matter anymore?

Meanwhile, New York State is evaluating its own potential ban on the harmful treatment.

Via The New Civil Rights Movement

Wing Nuts Continue Temper Tantrums Over Same-sex Marriage

The New Civil Rights Movement: Maggie Gallagher: Supreme Court Ruling A ‘Declaration Of War’ Against ‘Half The American People’:

Maggie Gallagher spoke with conservative radio host Lars Larson after the Supreme Court issued its rulings last month on DOMA and Prop 8, and called the Court’s decisions “a gross miscarriage of justice.” She added that although justice is supposed to be blind, it was also “simply deaf.”

Calling it “absurd” and “outrageous,” Gallagher shockingly claimed that “Justice Kennedy cannot even tell you what part of the Constitution requires overturning DOMA,” although in fact he cited the Fifth Amendment.

But even more shockingly, Gallagher, the co-founder of NOM, the National Organization For Marriage and its former Chair, says to Larson that the Supreme Court issued a “head-on declaration of war against at least half of the American people” in its DOMA decision — which found the federal government cannot discriminate against legally-married same-sex couples.

And true to form, Gallagher, ever playing the victim, decried the Supreme Court’s decision as limiting the “democratic rights” of people — like herself — to discriminate against same-sex couples, including the “right” of activists to ban same-sex marriage.

We hadn’t heard from Maggie in awhile so welcome back, Mags!

Right Wing Watch: Matt Barber: We’ll Never Recognize Gay Marriage And Will Be Persecuted For It

Maggie Gallagher: Justice Kennedy Has Issued a ‘Fatwa’ On Marriage

You may or may not know that a fatwa is an Islamic legal ruling issued by an Islamic scholar. In an interview with National ReviewMaggie Gallagher is using the term to describe what Justice Kennedy has declared on America with SCOTUS’ decisions on DOMA and Prop 8:

KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: Are last week’s rulings on marriage as monumental, with the staying power, of Roe v. Wade?

MAGGIE GALLAGHER: What you are really asking is: Will we concede the legitimacy of Kennedy’s fatwa against us, or will we respond with a sustained opposition — legal, political, cultural, and of the moral imagination.

I don’t believe in inevitability, I believe in human freedom and our power to shape the future. So it depends on us. But certainly I believe,as I wrote in the Los Angeles Times, that the questions raised by marriage — deeply rooted in our conception of who we are as men and women, the meaning of sexuality and gender — cannot be put to rest by the power of five lawyers on however high a court.

The cultural struggle I predicted in “Banned in Boston” is clearly playing out. Will they succeed in persuading us to accept the second-class status Kennedy lays out for us?

Not me, what about you?

Gallagher says in the interview that the rulings are the ‘Roe vs. Wade’ of the LGBT rights movement. And given the ongoing limitations that legislatures are passing to limit women’s reproductive rights, one can expect the fight to continue.

But, Maggie – a ‘fatwa’?

SCOTUS Prop 8 Hearings In Tweets and Photos: How did it go?

The Supreme Court has ended its day of hearings around California’s Prop 8 and a whirlwind of activity has accompanied the hearings over the past 24 hours. While I have not been able to attend any of the events, here’s a recap via photos from around the web.

Maggie Gallagher, NOM founder, walks through marriage equality crowd

Maggie Gallagher, NOM founder, walks through marriage equality crowd

A view from the City Hall steps of last night's pro-marriage equality rally in San Francisco

A view from the City Hall steps of last night’s pro-marriage equality rally in San Francisco

Seen on a San Francisco MUNI bus this morning

Seen on a San Francisco MUNI bus this morning

Anti-gay group at SCOTUS in DC

Anti-gay group at SCOTUS in DC

Anti-gay group at SCOTUS in DC

Anti-gay group at SCOTUS in DC

Anti-gay group at SCOTUS in DC

Anti-gay group at SCOTUS in DC




Pro-marriage equality protestors

Pro-marriage equality protestors

Rainbows and anti-gays

Rainbows and anti-gays

Pro marriage equality folks

Pro marriage equality folks

More in the hate march

More in the hate march


And how did it go? First, here’s Prop 8 lawyer Ted Olson:



And a number of reporters who covered the story:


Screenshot_3_26_13_10_26_AM Screenshot_3_26_13_10_27_AM 2 Screenshot_3_26_13_10_27_AM 3 Screenshot_3_26_13_10_27_AM Screenshot_3_26_13_10_28_AMSCOTUSblog has issued its first analysis:

Much will be written about the Proposition 8 oral argument. The bottom line, in my opinion, is that the Court probably will not have the five votes necessary to get to any result at all, and almost certainly will not have five votes to decide the merits of whether Proposition 8 is constitutional.

Several Justices seriously doubt whether the petitioners defending Proposition 8 have “standing” to appeal the district court ruling invalidating the measure. These likely include not only more liberal members but also the Chief Justice. If standing is lacking, the Court would vacate the Ninth Circuit’s decision.

The Justices seem divided on the constitutionality of Proposition 8 on ideological lines, four to four – i.e., all the members other than Justice Kennedy. For the more liberal members of the Court, there was no clarity on how broadly they would rule.

Their conclusion:

The upshot of either scenario is a modest step forward for gay rights advocates, but not a dramatic one. The Court would stay its hand for some time for society to develop its views further. But combined with a potentially significant ruling in the DOMA case being argued tomorrow, the Term will likely nonetheless end up as very significant to gay rights.

Via Joe.My.God, Queerty, The New Civil Rights Movement

Maggie Gallagher: “We’re Going To Lose DOMA”


Maggie Gallagher


Maggie Gallagher isn’t so positive about SCOTUS’ decision to take up DOMA, and she isn’t happy that the GOP are silent about the case. Via Politico:

“I’m personally grateful to Speaker [John] Boehner for being willing to defend the law, but it’s clear GOP elites don’t want to talk about it and want to keep it as quiet as possible,” said Maggie Gallagher, a founder of the National Organization for Marriage and a fellow at the conservative American Principles Project. “That’s so obvious, I don’t see any point in pretending otherwise.”

Tom McClusky of the Family Research Council said he assumes from conversations he’s had with congressional aides that lawmakers are pleased the high court is taking up the issue. “But there’s just radio silence” publicly, McClusky said. “I was disappointed there wasn’t more from the Hill.”

And a top gay-rights activist, who asked not to be named because of his outreach to Republicans, said he hasn’t “heard or seen anything” from GOP leaders or members. “They’re really just hoping this issue will go away.”

POLITICO placed calls or emails to about 10 House members on Monday requesting comment on the court’s announcement. None surfaced for an interview.

It will be interesting to see how long gay rights and marriage equality remain a partisan issue. Stay tuned.



Today In Wing Nut America

The New Civil Rights Movement: “Maggie Gallagher: ‘Rare’ That Any Of 650,000 US Same-Sex Relationships Are ‘Stable’”

Maggie Gallagher says that stable, same-sex relationships are “rare,” in a column she wrote yet again defending the debunked, flawed Regnerus anti-gay parenting “study.” Gallagher, writing at the National Review — which itself has been repeatedly attacked for the ugly racism within its ranks — was commenting on a U.K. study that claims that same-sex couples are more-likely to separate or divorce than opposite-sex couples.

Towleroad: “Paul Ryan Tells ‘Focus on the Family’ He and Romney Will Block Equality for Gay People”

It’s the foundation for society and for family for thousands of years. First of all, Mitt Romney and I — I’ll just say it, it’s worth repeating — we believe marriage is between one man and one woman, that’s number one. Number two, you know where I come from we had one of those amendments in Wisconsin, I was a big supporter of it and we passed it like you say, where it’s put on the ballot it passes. The second point is, President Obama gave up defending the Defense of Marriage Act in the courts, I mean, not only is this decision to abandon this law the wrong decision, it passed in a bipartisan manner, it is very troubling because it undermines not only traditional marriage but it contradicts our system of government. It’s not the president’s job to pick and choose which laws he likes. A Romney administration will protect traditional marriage and the rule of law and we will provide the Defense of Marriage Act the proper defense in the courts that it deserves.

 Right Wing Watch: “Farah: Gay Rights Groups are ‘Like the Anti-American Poofy Sect of the Taliban’”

After their shortstop wore eye black featuring a Spanish phrase that translates to “you are a faggot,” the Toronto Blue Jays decided to suspend Yunel Escobar for three games, in keeping with the team and league policy against defamatory statements. The MLB had also penalized John Rocker in 2000 for making racist and anti-gay slurs in an off-field interview and suspended a Braves pitching coach this year who made anti-gay remarks and sexual gestures at fans, as it is within the league’s authority to reprimand certain actions of its players and coaches. Not according to the Religious Right, however, as anti-gay activists are now coming to Escobar’s defense.

WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah said that the MLB’s actions represented a victory for the “gay gestapo” and “homosexual fascists – who are like the anti-American poofy sect of the Taliban,” and maintained that Escobar should be excused since, Farah claims, “you are a faggot” is used “far more often by homosexuals than by heterosexuals.” Scott Lively of Defend the Family International also loved the article, but doesn’t seem to know what a baseball looks like.

Now that we have that off our chests, on with the wing nut show!