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Watch: Life Is Beyond Horrible for Gays Living Under ISIS Rule


Watch: A Terrifying Life For LGBT People in Uganda

Watch: A Terrifying Life For LGBT People in Uganda


  1. Click here: http://bit.ly/tpoa-campaign To Raise Your Voice. Take a Stand Against the Violations of Human Rights That are Carried out on LGBTI People in Uganda.

    We enter the life of Cleopatra Kambugu, a Ugandan transgender girl who was forced to flee to Kenya after being “outed” as homosexual in one of Uganda's major tabloids. It is a story about love, hate and being transgender, in one of the worlds most homophobic places.

    Our goal with this film has always been to make a difference. Whether it is to change peoples hearts, their perception of a transgender person or the prejudice people have towards the LGBT community.
    Uganda is a country which for long have been criticized for the discriminations against the LGBTI community.

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