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High-tech Underwear Protects Your Junk From Radiation

Underwear range crowdfunding campaign pledges to protect men from harmful radiation

Underwear goes high-tech and safety conscious this month with the launch of new menswear brand, Wireless Armour?s new crowdfunding campaign, which is backed by Richard Branson’?s Top 10 Back of the Envelope Start Up Ideas.

Using a unique fabric that incorporates the protective properties of silver, Wireless Armour products are proven to protect wearers from potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted from everyday wireless devices. With technology now an integral part of modern life, Wireless Armour makes protection as simple as getting dressed.

The idea for Wireless Armour was born from founder Joseph Perkins? personal experiences with technology and the realization that between his laptop, mobile and tablet he was exposing himself to a huge amount of electromagnetic radiation, concentrated mostly around his groin area. There are proven scientific links between wireless radiation and declining sperm counts as well valid theories that exposure to radiation runs an increased risk of cancer. With most men carrying mobile phones in their pockets on a daily basis, these statistics are difficult to ignore.

Enlightened with this knowledge, Perkins was inspired to create an underwear range that protects men from the unseen yet extremely harmful dangers of everyday exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Perkins said, ?Wireless Armour is designed to protect the health of a wireless generation glued to their mobile devices. The fabric has been put through rigorous testing from external electromagnetic consulting company, Wave Scientific. Results indicated that Wireless Armour fabric blocks 99.9% of harmful radiation, making the garments an extremely effective form of protection.?

The product has gained international recognition, named as one of Richard Branson?s Top 10 Back of the Envelope start up ideas and picked as a key contender for the Everline Future 50 most disruptive new businesses list. It has also been featured on CNET and The Discovery Channel amongst others. With such an amazingly positive pre-launch reception, Wireless Armour has all the makings of becoming an instant success when the product hits shelves later this month.

Perkins plans to use the popular phenomenon of crowd funding to kick-start Wireless Armour for the commercial and retail market. The funds raised will be used to increase initial stock order numbers with the supplier, lowering the overall cost per garment. These savings will ultimately be passed down to Wireless Armour customers, making protection both easy and affordable.

As well as repelling electromagnetic radiation, the unique Wireless Armour fabric is also antibacterial, shape holding and can be laundered in a conventional washing machine. With a guaranteed life of up to 1000 washes, Wireless Armour garments provide high quality, low maintenance and hassle free protection that easily fits into the busy lifestyle of any modern man.

Perkins added, ?A lot of anti-electromagnetic radiation clothing loses its shielding ability after a few washes. This was not something we wanted at Wireless Armour. We are champions of quality and wanted our fabric to last for as long as we could make it.?

Wireless Armour has big plans for the future; it is already developing plans to expand the range into women?s bras due to the link between breast cancer and phone proximity. While the link between wireless radiation and cancer is not conclusive, the evidence is ever increasing and there are loud calls from both the public and the scientific communities for further research to be conducted on the controversial subject.

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Watch: Introducing Petit Q Underwear by Arthus and Nico (NSFW)

We launched a men underwear online retail – – while in college. In late 2011 we launched our own brand, called PetitQ, that we design ourselves. After only 1 year we were already sold in Germany, Australia and in the US. Major stores, like, have picked up our brand which is so exciting.

You may know the sexy, hot, and usually nude French couple Arthus and Nico (pictured in the top photos below). They now take their sexy style online in their new venture.

Here’s the latest video from the couple’s innovative men’s underwear line, Petit Q by Arthus and Nico. The video features Colby Melvin, Brent Corrigan, Brandon Brown and Jose Parra trying on the latest collection from the brand and taking to the streets of Hollywood to strut their stuff in the sexy new designs!

If you have the right junk (and bod), these are pretty sexy. Check out the NSFW video above.

Petit Q by Arthus and Nico website: and check out an interview with the boys here.

arthus-nico-jorge-freire_05 arthus-nico-jorge-freire_13 web Petit_Q_Underwear__the_smallest_men_underwear 2 Petit_Q_Underwear__the_smallest_men_underwear.

Twitter: @PetitQUnderwear

Fundawear: The Future of Foreplay?

Durex-Fundawear-iPhone-controlled-vibrating-underwearTraveling and want to get off with your significant other? There’s an app (and panties) for that.

Durex is launching underwear that will allow you to get your partner’s rocks off via smartphone technology:

Sex toys that allow its users to operate them from afar is definitely not new, and it seems that Durex also wants in on the fun as they have announced a new line of underwear called the “Fundawear”. While Durex is known primarily for their condoms, the Fundawear will be the company’s first experiment with wearable technology and are basically undergarments for both men and women that come equipped with tiny vibrators that are strategically placed around you and your partner’s naughty bits.

Synced with an iPhone app, it allows the user to control the vibrations even from afar, allowing you to pleasure your partner even when you’re not in the same room, leading to some very naughty ideas! Unfortunately the Fundawear is not available for purchase as Durex claims it is only an experiment, meaning it is not commercially available yet. However for those who are interested in helping Durex test it out, you can pop on over to their Facebook page to enter a contest where you can win one for you and your partner.

Sign me up. I only need one pair. Watch…

Via Ubergizmo.

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Introducing Boystash: Where Hot Underwear Is Updated Daily


Via my Facebook page, I heard from cutie Daniel (below) who is launching a brand new way for you guys to explore your panties.

If hot underwear (and hot guys) is your thing, a new site aptly named Boystash ( recently launched to help guys discover new underwear styles. Boystash uses a unique gallery layout showcasing underwear from top brands, including Aussiebum, Andrew Christian and dozens of lesser known boutique labels.

Although the site has a gay men’s focus, it was founded with that the idea that everyone should wear only top-notch underwear. Prime real estate deserves prime treatment. In any case it’s fun to browse through the site every day and see new guys showing it off.

You can also find Boystash on Facebook ( and Twitter (

Daniel is the owner and Chief Curator at boystash. When he’s not scouring the web for the latest looks, Daniel manages his other blogs at digital 3 media and works on his freelance photography. He believes once people are comfortable with themselves, the world opens up for them to accomplish anything.

Fashion has evolved over the years, but the Internet technology used to display it has remained relatively static. Daniel created boystash to make mens’ underwear shopping a fun, interactive experience.

Forget catalogues and forget scrolling though dozens of pages at an online store. Boystash will not only help you discover new fashions, but also bring out a newyou.