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Australian ‘Big Brother’ Winner Proposes To BF On Live TV (VIDEO)

This is so cute and heartwarming.

Victorian housemate Benjamin proposed to his boyfriend on live television moments after being crowned the winner of Australia’s ‘Big Brother.’

The 32-year-old accounts manager got down on one knee after being reunited with his partner, whose name is also Benjamin, after three months in the house. His partner enthusiastically accepted the proposal and the pair embraced before shouting: “We’re engaged!”.

It has been an emotional night for housemate Ben, the only gay contestant on the show and regarded by other contestants as the “wise man” of the house.

He burst into tears and hugged runner-up Layla, a 24-year-old English beautician, as the result was announced. He will take home $250,000 while Layla, who moved to Queensland earlier this year, has won $10,000.

A Tea Party With Chicken

In case you doubted the cross-over between the Tea Party and the religious right, here is the convergence of two like minds tweeting about Chick-fil-A. The Southwest Tea Party apparently likes chicken and dislikes “sodomy based faggot marriage:”

Via Towleroad

Wing Nuts Call Elisabeth Hasselbeck a ‘Bitch’ and ‘Dumbass’

While I don’t agree with all of Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s conservative views, I am pleased to see her evolve on marriage equality. After Bristol Palin felt the need to speak out about Obama’s support of gay marriage, Hasselbeck criticized Palin on ‘The View’:

“I have a major problem with her saying this,” Hasselbeck told her “View” co-stars. “Number one, as you mature as a mother you will also find out that the conversations you have with your kids do influence how you place your opinions on the table. Secondly, for someone who was the victim of being brought into an election as the child of someone on the ticket, how dare you then bring in Sasha and Malia to this situation. You need to mature because you are not.”

Free Republic readers were outraged.

The rampant misogyny, sexism, objectification, and the continued Republican and conservative war on women is alive and well at Free Republic.

Some comments made on the Free Republic Hasselbeck thread included:

  • Your liberal hag costars will surely love you now.
  • Those aren’t ‘ladies’ by any stretch of the imagination.
  • this is what happens to all tokens when they are surrounded by evil. when salt loses it’s saltiness it’s good for nothing.
  • So, it looks like the harridans, piglets and lezzies on THE SPEW finally got Lizzy to drink their lefty Kool-Aid.
  • Hasselbeck is a bitch..there I said it
  • Elizabeth is a DUMBASS. She was slobbering all over Obama.
  • Ah, so that’s why they call it the boob tube.
  • What a dim bulb Hasselbeck continues to be.
  • Bristol is simply doing what the Harlot Hasselback is pretending to do, she was saying not to use the kids as political props.
  • Elizabeth, just keep on the ab glider. You have a great talent there.
  • HUH? Is this women [sic] that much of a dumb ass?
  • If she takes the bikini top off you can play tic-tac-toe on her torso.
  • There are four, maybe five reasons she is on the view: her two legs, the two big reasons you have shown and usually she’s the token republican.
  • I love to look as much as or more than any other man does, but she’s the original model for the t-shirt saying:
  • “I wish these were brains.”
  • I’m sick of silly women flapping their gums. SHUT. UP. NOW.
We’re fucked when Hasselbeck becomes an “enemy” of the right!

Huge Shift In CA Marriage Equality Support: NOM Panics

It’s no wonder Brian Brown is “nervous.” In an email and NOM blog post today, Brown seems like he’s in a panic. Then asks for money. Then a mention of gays committing “brutal” attacks against marriage (hey, we want it too. I don’t think any of us want to destroy it). Then asks for more money. Then words like “bullies,” “shove gay marriage,” – well, you get the picture:

Marriage Supporter,

I’m starting to get nervous.

You have always been a marriage defender in our effort to stop our opponents from redefining marriage.

And your standing up to defend marriage has never been more critical than it will be in 2012!

The most important Presidential election of our lifetime…the chance to elect a pro-marriage Senate…federal protections for marriage under assault in the courts…battles raging in over a dozen states…

Marriage Supporter, I have to tell you, we need your help immediately to fight all these battles.

I hope you can make one immediate contribution today—NOM’s fight is more important today than it EVER has been, and we absolutely MUST have your support.

Our opponents are hungrier and stronger than they have ever been in their brutal attacks on traditional marriage and we cannot let them redefine us. We will stand up and fight to maintain our traditional beliefs and protect the most sacred institution of them all—one-man one-woman marriage.

So please help, because you and I are capable of winning ANY fight for marriage as long as we are united. We have done it before, and we WILL do it again.

Just 9 months ago, the anti-marriage crusaders bullied their way through the New York legislature to shove gay marriage down the throats of New Yorkers.

And so far this year, the Governors of Washington state and Maryland (suffering, I suspect, from “Cuomo envy”—a nasty condition), have strong-armed their state legislatures into passing bills legalizing same-sex marriage.

Of course, NOM immediately sprang into action in both states—helping organize the on-the-ground, grassroots coalition and network of churches and other organizations to collect the signatures to get marriage on the ballot in November. The fight is far from over!

But, marriage supporter, there’s no telling what they will try to do next! We cannot allow this to happen across our great country. With your help, we will STOP the bullies in their tracks, right the wrongs they’ve already imposed and make sure they leave long-standing traditional marriage alone.

We don’t have any choice. We are one of the few organizations in America willing to stand up to the “gay marriage” bullies and their media allies.

Frothy Mix: A Dad In Prison Is Better Than Gay Parents

“For the second time in as many days, Rick Santorum waded into the issue of gay marriage, suggesting it was so important for children to have both a father and mother that an imprisoned father was preferable to a same-sex parent. Citing the work of one anti-poverty expert, Santorum said, “He found that even fathers in jail who had abandoned their kids were still better than no father at all to have in their children’s lives.” Allowing gays to marry and raise children, Santorum said, amounts to “robbing children of something they need, they deserve, they have a right to. You may rationalize that that isn’t true, but in your own life and in your own heart, you know it’s true.”

Via LA Times

DNC Chair Quite Articulate About Marriage Equality (VIDEO)

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz articulately responds to the videographer’s concerns about Rick Santorum‘s views on gay marriage. NOM ended up posting this video today due to the Chair’s statement that a Constitutional marriage amendment (to ban same-sex marriage) “would be unconstitutional.” Some are saying that NOM’s posting a pro-marriage equality video on its own blog is a stupid move – and I agree. Watch the encouraging video below.

Today In Gay Celebrity Weddings: Jonny Weir and Ricky Martin

No – they are not marrying each other.

But, they are married (or getting married).

Ricky Martin is reportedly getting married later this month to Carlos Gonzales Abella in New York. The couple are already dads to twins so tying the knot makes it official that they respect the sanctity of marriage and kids:

To Ricky Martin, at the beginning of 2012 seems to have better resolution than the dictates of the proverb: New year, new life.

A source close to the singer revealed to the new day that Ricky and his partner Carlos Gonzalez Abella will be married on Saturday January 28th at a ceremony has been held in the city of New York.

Since announcing his homosexuality in March 2010, Ricky has been in favor of marriage between same sex. Even came to express their desire that in Puerto Rico to legislate for such purposes.

“It’s what I want, that you say no to discrimination, for equality among us humans is a reality in my country,” Martin said last June, who is speculated that he had accepted the citizenship granted by the government Spain in November with the intention to marry in that country.

Johnny and boyfriend Victor Voronov tweeted this photo on their wedding night

In other gay marriage news, Jonny Weir married his partner this past weekend:

“I’m married,” the Olympic ice skater tweeted on New Year’s Eve after making it official with his boyfriend Victor Voronov, a graduate of Georgetown Law.

Weir, who officially came out last year after years of speculation, met Voronov years ago, but the men reconnected sometime last year.

“We’ve known for a long time and we reconnected over the summer, and it’s just been a whirlwind,” Weir said in an interview.

Congrats to both happy couples and Ricky – please let me know if you need a bridesmaid. I am available on that day.

Via Unicorn Booty Blog and Towleroad


BREAKING: Obama Supports DOMA Repeal

From HRC:

Today at a White House news conference, Press Secretary Jay Carney announced President Obama’s support for the Respect for Marriage Act, a bill to repeal the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act that denies federal recognition to legally married same-sex couples.  The bill will be the subject of a historic hearing tomorrow morning before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese, who will himself be testifying tomorrow in favor of the bill, released the following statement:

“We thank the President for his support of the Respect for Marriage Act.  He has repeatedly expressed his desire to see the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act repealed and his Justice Department has taken the historic step of ending its defense of that odious law in court.  By supporting this legislation, the President continues to demonstrate his commitment to ending federal discrimination against tens of thousands of lawfully married same-sex couples.”