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Matthew Mitcham Addicted to Crystal Meth After 2008 Olympics

Australian Olympic diver and openly-gay Matthew Mitcham reveals in his new book Twist and Turns that he struggled with a crystal meth addiction after the 2008 Olympics. Suffering deep post-game depression, Mitcham tells the Sydney Morning Herald

Self-doubt came crashing back, fuelled by injury. Secretly smoking crystal meth to boost his moods, he was soon in the grip of addiction.

He knew the drug’s dangers. But ”taking it was something I did … to take my mind off things that were upsetting me – to make me feel better about myself.”

The openly gay Mitcham has climbed back from last year’s depths with the aid of Narcotics Anonymous, a drug rehabilitation clinic, hypnotherapy and the support of his inner circle. He’s chased the demons away and is training for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

In therapy still, he believes he is happier and healthier. As for fully understanding himself, he writes: ”The answers continue to elude me. I may work it out one day.”

I applaud Matthew for conquering his addiction and sharing his story. May it be an inspiration to any of us who battle substance abuse.

Tom Daley Wet and On Vacation (VIDEO)

Tom Daley never fails to float my boat, and here’s some footage from his Spain vacation with his family. He has a waterproof video camera attached somewhere on his mid-section in this video to make it extra special…watch below and enjoy.


Shirtless Matthew Mitcham Serenades Rome

matthew mitcham shirtless rome

Matthew Mitcham posts on YouTube: “An ode to our vacanza Romana, I’ve done a little mashup of Morcheeba’s “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day” and B-52s’ “Roam” with my ukulele. Add a little footage of our Roman shenanigans and “presto!”, you’ve got my very first iMovie!”

He is so fucking adorable. Watch…