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Nate Silver: Out Magazine’s Gay Person of the Year


Nate Silver, the statistician who accurately predicted Barack Obama’s reelection, has been named Out Magazine’s ‘Gay Person of the Year’:

(Silver) was so confident on his calculations that he bet MSNBC host Joe Scarborough $2,000 that Obama would win re-election. Call him cocky, but he was right. And in the process this gay geek from Michigan revolutionized the way elections are called in advance.

It is exactly for this that Out Magazine has named Silver “Person of the Year.” Silver spoke with the magazine about politics, his work ethic, and the future of his blog, FiveThirtyEight, hosted by The New York Times.

The 34-year-old, who came out to his parents after a trip to London to study economics, said he wasn’t “excessively” bullied during his high school years, and maintained a low profile by immersing himself in fantasy baseball leagues or the debate program.

While Silver supports gay marriage, Out writes that he “worries that growing acceptance of gays will dent our capacity to question broader injustice.”

“For me, I think the most important distinguishing characteristic is that I’m independent-minded,” he told Out Magazine. “I’m sure that being gay encouraged the independent-mindedness, but that same independent-mindedness makes me a little bit skeptical of parts of gay culture, I suppose.”

He adds: “To my friends, I’m kind of sexually gay but ethnically straight,” and says his sexuality doesn’t play a bigger role on his life than other aspects.

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Nate Silver: ‘OUT’ Magazine’s Person of the Year



Openly-gay Nate Silver, the statistician who correctly called the 2012 presidential election, is OUT’s 2012 ‘Person of the Year.’  Says OUT Magazine editor Aaron Hicklin: “His forecasts for the 2012 election became the talk of the chattering classes. Now that he’s vanquished his critics, what’s next for the braniac?”

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The Election By Blue State Population

Via Daily Kos.

First, the red/blue state voting distribution:

Second, the same vote by actual population:

This is an awesome capture of just how “left of center” our American Republic actually votes. Each state is represented not by square miles, but rather by population. Not a good sign for the GOP.

Frothy Mix Claims Homos “Stole” The Election (Satire)

Rick “Frothy Mix” Santorum claims that the reason Romney lost his presidential bid is due to the “hand of the homosexual.” The washed-up politician told CNN today:

Santorum said he wasn’t sure how gay activists managed to steal a national election, but he’s confident they are capable of such a feat:

Homosexuals aren’t like you and me. They don’t have respect for democracy. Your average homosexual has no moral compass whatsoever. If anyone is capable of this fraud, its them.

And homosexual kingpins like David Geffen, Elton John, and Tim Gill have all the money in the world to turn their dirty, filthy election schemes into reality. Geffen’s a billionaire, he could afford to put a man on the moon. Surely he could afford to pull off something like this.

It could have been a virus in the election machines. Gill knows a lot about computers. Or maybe they were just stuffing multiple big, long ballots deep inside eachother’s ballot-boxes  Who knows? But I know gays had the motive and means to steal this one for Obama.

First, we get blamed for Hurricane Sandy. Now, Mitt Romney’s loss. This is all interesting since a homosexual likely stole Frothy Mix’s virginity.

UPDATE: I didn’t realize that The Daily Currant is satire. I got taken.

Via The Daily Currant

Religious Right Goes Into Depression Over Election

The more I read about the aftermath of the 2012 Elections, the more I realize the the GOP, and especially its far-right wing nuts, were totally caught by surprise at Barack Obama’s re-election and the passage of marriage equality in 4 states. Today, hate-group leader Tony Perkins lamented in a press release from the Family Research Council:

This was supposed to be the morning when Americans got up and shook off the nightmare of the last four years. Instead, they awakened to a new one: a profound drubbing of the Republican Party that is supposed to be the guardian of the conservative vision our nation so desperately needs. On every level–presidential, congressional, social–it was a bruising day for our movement that no amount of spin can improve. Americans had a choice, and they made it. Is the outcome what we want? Obviously not. Among the more demoralizing losses yesterday were the outcomes in Maryland, Minnesota, Washington, and Maine, where natural marriage lost for the first time in America by popular vote. It was a significant moment for the radical Left, which was helped to victory by the most pro-gay President in American history. While homosexuals may be celebrating an end to our movement’s perfect record, they still have a long way to go to match the 32 states where Americans voted overwhelmingly to protect the union of a man and woman.

The right continues to preach that the passage of gay marriage is just an anomaly. Whatever…

Top 10 People (and Things) Rendered Irrelevant By Election 2012

1. Mitt Romney

With his loss yesterday, Romney will likely write a best-selling book about his political and business experiences and make even more millions than he has now. He and Ann won't have to move to a smaller house and, of course, won't have to mingle with the 47%. His political career is over and he will appear once in a while on Fox News. He seems like a guy who will probably disappear from the public limelight (a.k.a. Michael Dukakis, George W. Bush).

2. National Organization of Marriage (Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown)

Maggie Gallagher at 3:00 AM today announced that the “Obama electorate defeated marriage.” Gallagher, co-founder of NOM, Brian Brown, NOM President, and all their radical religious wing nuts suffered a huge loss with 4 states (Maine, Washington, Maryland and Minnesota) voting for marriage equality – the first time a voting public has done so.

“Last night really is a big loss, no way to spin it,” she wrote in the National Review. We haven't seen the end of NOM, but their “victimization” messaging surely failed them this time around.

3. Donald Trump

No more needs to be said. :)

4. Sarah Palin

While she's been fighting for relevancy since 2008, the media whore (who now looks like a $2 whore with frosted lipstick and a “just been fucked” hairdo) looked dumbfounded on Fox News last night.

Speaking to Greta Van Susteren, Sarah Palin remarked:

“I just cannot believe that the majority of Americans believe that incurring more debt is good for the economy, for our children's future, for job creators. I just cannot believe that the majority of Americans believe that it's OK to ignore the constitution and not have a budget.”

She added, “It's a perplexing time for many of us right now.”

Honey, so was the 2008 election when you ran for Vice President. You'll get over it – time for “Dancing With the Stars?”

5. The Tea Party

The GOP is about to drop you faster than Kim Kardashian dumped that dude she married. Maybe you'll come back as a third party? A militia? The new KKK? Who knows.

6. White America

Mitt Romney's concession speech audience

6. Allen West

Via Fox News:

Republican Rep. Allen West, the Army veteran who came to Congress two years ago in the conservative Tea Party wave, fell short Tuesday in his hard-fought South Florida race against Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy — but West apparently isn't giving up yet.West reportedly filed at least two motions Wednesday in West Palm County and St. Lucie County for injunctions in order to conduct a recount of paper ballots and an examination of voting machines used in the contentious contest.“This race is far from decided, and there is no rush to declare an outcome. Ensuring a fair and accurate counting of all ballots is of the utmost importance. This race is far from decided,” he said in a written statement.


7. Mayor Janice Daniels (Troy, MI)

Troy, Michigan ousted Mayor Janet Daniels, who made controversial comments about gay people and city employees:

Daniels, a tea party favorite, was elected to office last year and has been embroiled in a string of controversies regarding her comments about gay people, her opposition to accepting federal funds for a transit center and her public dressing-down of the former city manager.During an interview with Charlie Langton on Wednesday morning on WXYT-AM (1270), the 59-year-old Daniels primarily blamed the news media for her recall. When asked whether she had any regrets, Daniels said she regrets the lack of a balanced news media.

Always the victim of the news media. Poor Republicans. Bye, bye Janice!

8. Ted Nugent

NRA board member and musician Ted Nugent went on an angry Twitter tirade on Wednesday morning, against Obama voters calling them “pimps” and “whores.” Obama-hater Ted Nugent tweeted today:Goodluk America u just voted for economic & spiritual suicide. Soulless fools.Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters hav a president to destroy America.So Obama still demands the hardest workers provide for the nonwotkers. Shared opportunitiesmy *ss.What subhuman varmint believes others must pay for their obesity booze cellphones birthcontrol abortions & lives.Okey, dokie.

9. Scott Brown

We weren't together long, but I will always remember you as the studly Senate centerfold.

10. Other nominees and Honorable Mentions

  • Glenn Beck
  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Karl Rove
  • Dick Morris

While these people and things may not matter anymore, we all know they will return – in some way, shape or form.

YIPPIE! Barack Obama Re-elected!

I was very worried about this election. I feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders. A victory for the LGBT community – NO doubt about it.