Straight Guy Slips In Cum-like Substance at Cruisy Gym and Sues

Uh oh. The days of cruising for sex at this gym may be over. A straight guy is suing Bally’s declaring the chain a “hotbed of gay sex”:

A reportedly  heterosexual NYC man claims Bally Total Fitness gyms nationwide are hotbeds of gay sex and is suing his branch after slipping on a “foreign white substance” and breaking his shoulder.

Before we go any further — just…thank you. Thank you Marc Moskowitz for making us glad we woke up this morning. Moskowitz, 66,  claimed that at the Bally’s on E. 55th St., gay “cruising and lewd behavior” is “commonplace [in] the steam room, sauna and locker rooms.”

The New York Daily News reports Moskowitz defined “cruising” as “the act of searching for homosexual partners in public places” and claimed “it is prevalent at Bally’s across the country.”

Moskowitz denies any prior knowledge of the seedy same-sex sauna shenanigans when he joined the gym, with his lawyer David Grover astutely adding, “Unless you’re involved in that lifestyle you would not know that.”

Full story here:

Excuse me. I have to go get my Bally’s membership.

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