Santa Skivvy Runs Take Over Our Holiday Season

It’s that time of year when men (and women) strip to their undies, boxers or whatever skimpy garment they come up with and run through America’s city streets for charity. This past weekend, runs took place in San Francisco, Chicago and Boston.

First, my hometown San Francisco hosted its annual run in beautiful 60 degree weather (via Castro Biscuit):

Boston also got into the act, with it’s annual run covered annually by blogger bud BosGuy:

Finally, Chicago hosted its own run – and I can’t imagine the shrinkage given the Windy City’s climate:

How about you? Did you strip down and run around almost naked in the cold? We didn’t, but here’s my gang hanging out and watching the meat on the street in San Francisco:



Now, to the gym so I can run next year!

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  • BosGuy

    Thanks for including my video Dan!

  • DanNation

    You are welcome. Thanks for making it!