San Francisco’s Eagle Is Now Open

IMG_0711 IMG_0714After months of “when is it going to open?,” the new SFEagle reopened today. I just attended the soft launch  and it is great to have the venue return to SOMA. Due to Mr SF Leather taking place this weekend, it seems that the new owners were able to open to host tomorrow’s after-party beer bust.

They made improvements but the old character and layout of the previous incarnation of the bar are still there. In the main area, the bar itself is now located along the south wall which opens up much more space in the bar’s interior. Gone are the trees in the patio – a new stage replaces the former wooden one. The patio seems more spacious but will no doubt still be full of men during beer bust. Otherwise, the bar is more or less the same but seems bigger. Oh yes – it reeks of new paint but the engrained popper smell will likely return.

If you live in San Francisco, be sure to get out and support SFEagle. Marlena’s is closing tomorrow, KOK is closing soon (TBD) and Deco Lounge closed several months ago. It’s up to us gays to make sure these new guys stay in business.


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