My New Fave Hottie: Brian J. Smith

Brian J. Smith has starred in two gay-themed films and the television series Stargate – I feature him as my latest crush. Check out his story and shirtless photos inside.

Channing Tatum’s Sexy Cover Shoot for GQ

“This is going to be crazy,” Tatum recalls saying to a fellow dancer, who is still a friend, as they pulled on G-strings for their first shift at a nightclub called Joy. Then they made a pact: “Okay, we’re go ing to do this for a little while just to be crazy and insane; then we’re getting out.” Click photo for more.

Religious Right: “Churches are under attack”

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the anti-gay Alliance Defense Fund released a video this morning claiming that churches are under increasing attack from non-Christians and the ACLU. Full of lies and accusations, one only needs to dig into the facts for 5 minutes to negate the entire video.