UK Bans Poppers: Bottoms’ Heads Explode

With all the other drug issues out there, I wonder why the UK government is banning bottoms. Maybe the sponsor is a brutal top?

As part of a sweeping update to UK drug policy, the British government has banned the sale of amyl nitrate, commonly known as “poppers,” with dealers facing up to seven years in prison.

Other so-called “legal highs”—including nitrous oxide and synthetic cannabis—have also been outlawed as part of the Psychoactive Substances Bill, announced on Friday.

Poppers, which expand blood vessels and loosen involuntary muscles, have long been used by gay men to facilitate anal sex. They have also become a popular party drug, as they offer a potent, though brief, sense of euphoria.

via England Bans Poppers As Part Of Broad Drug Policy Change.

Watch: The Duggars Respond to Sexual Abuse Scandal on ‘Funny or Die’

Via Funny or Die:

“When we first heard of Josh’s mistakes, we did the right thing and ignored the girl who came forward,” a wig-donning “Michelle” sarcastically tells the camera.

“Girls lie all the time,” parody-Jim Bob adds. “That’s what they do.”

In response to Josh’s work with (and subsequent resignation from) certified antigay hate group the Family Research Council, the faux Duggar parents commended their son for rising up as a vocal opponent to LGBT equality.

“Josh moved on with his life, and was the head of the Family Research Council,” says Jim Bob in the clip. “He dedicated all of his efforts to Christ’s love, and informing Americans about the dangers of homosexuals.”

“Homosexuals prey on children, and they do not deserve to walk on God’s green earth,” says Michelle.


Photo of the Week: Marriage Equality for Ireland


A couple embraces outside the count centre in Dublin as Ireland holds a referendum on gay marriage. Ireland voted heavily in favor of allowing same-sex marriage in a historic referendum that marks a dramatic social shift in the traditionally Catholic country. (Cathal Mcnaughton / Reuters)

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Chicken Soup for the Gay Soul


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