Justin Bieber Wants Us To Look At His Bare Twink Ass #NSFW

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Bryce Harper Nudes Up for ESPN Body Issue

Baseball player Bryce Harper gets naked and dirty for ESPN’s Body Issue

Via OUT:

The baseball superstar stares out at us dressed in a rugged beard, a layer of dirt, and nothing else. Who knew dirt could be sexy?

In his interview for the cover story, Harper tells ESPN that his body “feels pretty unbelievable” but is still unhappy with some things. “I wish my abs were a little bit better,” he told the magazine. “God gave me a great body, but I think my abs could be better than they are.”

He also takes swings naked. Oy vey.

Be sure to visit OUT magazine for the full behind-the-scenes video.


June 26 to Become “National Equality Day”?

Via The Gaily Grind:

President Barack Obama has announced his intention to make June 26 a federal holiday, to be known as National Equality day, a day to celebrate all those who fought for the right to marry the person they love.

June 26 already has special significance for decisions that have favored gay rights in landmark Supreme Court cases.

On June 26, 2003, a divided Supreme Court decided that a Texas law making it a crime for two persons of the same sex to engage in intimate sexual conduct was unconstitutional. The decision helped strike down all remaining anti-sodomy laws in the U.S.

Said President Obama:

These folks are heroes and deserve to be recognized for their courage and sacrifice. I can’t think of anything more deserving of a national holiday than the fight for equality. Our nation was founded on a bedrock principle that we are all created equal.

I will be urging congress to honor the LGBT community with a federal holiday, until then I will issue by executive order declaring June 26th, 2016 National Equality Day.

Now, let's sit back and watch right-wing heads explode.


Here’s A New Calendar With Sexy, Shirtless Firemen Holding a Dog (Woof!)

At the end of May, a pitbull was found with a taped muzzle in Charleston, NC. After recovery, Caitlyn (the pit bull) is now the subject of a sexy calendar featuring sexy firemen posing with the rescue.

Charleston Animal Society's Caroline Eller organized the calendar and took some of its especially memorable behind-the-scenes shots (below)

Eller says that on top of raising much-needed funds — medical care costs the Charleston Animal Society some $500,000 per year — she hopes that this calendar encourages folks to adopt their next pet.

“I'm a firm believer that an animal knows they have been rescued,” she says. “I hope these images show the true bond between a rescue and their rescuer.”

You can order the calendar here and check out the behind-the-scenes photos below.


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Collabro All Sexy and Stuff #NSFW


And there’s group member Richard Hadfield. More pics at Attitude Magazine

Holy shit!

Here’s the performance that shot them to fame:


Today’s Gratuitous Pic: Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman


Watch (and Support) “Dragstrip 66: The Frockumentary!”

Support__Dragstrip_66__The_Frockumentary___-_YouTube 2

DRAGSTRIP 66 opened its doors in Los Angeles in January 1993 (just as Bill Clinton was sworn in), and soon became the communal home to creative revelers who needed to celebrate life together again after 12 long years of right-wing politics and the shadow of the HIV/AIDS crisis. For two decades, it was the inclusive safe space for ALL kinds of people – gay, straight, bi and trans – to feel completely welcomed and encouraged to express themselves without judgement.

Monthly themes drew upon movie, TV, camp and pop-culture mash up touchstones – “Florence Of Arabia,” “Queen Acres,” “Victor/Victoria’s Secret,” “Mi Navidad Loca” – inspiring an explosion of spectacular and imaginative patron drag, masquerade, cross- dress, and newly minted personas. From the start, ‘Dress A Mess, Get In For Less’ meant attendees in any manner of drag or cross-dress got discounted cover admission.

DJs Paul V. & Tom Walker played an eclectic mix of alternative, rock ‘n roll, disco, funk, new wave, and edgy electronica music. And Gina Lotriman hosted the Midnight Stage Show of local, national and international drag queens, all singing live to Gina’s completely rewritten parodies of popular music befitting the evening’s theme.

It should be noted that many future “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” girls either attended or performed there, including: Raja Gemini, Alaska, Detox, Willam, Kelly Mantle, Tammie Brown, Raven, Delta Work and more.

Through the years, many celebrities popped in to party with the east side queens: Roseanne Barr, Drew Barrymore, Karen Black, Anderson Cooper, Nina Hagen, L7, Traci Lords, Mink Stole, Scott Thompson, Lea Delaria, Claire Danes, Marilyn Manson, Andy Dick, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jennifer Coolidge, Perry Farrell, Susan Tyrrell, Adam Lambert, Jane Wiedlin, Alan Cumming, Sir Ian McKellan, Ann Magnuson, Heather Graham, Pedro Almodovar and more.


DRAGSTRIP 66 was a seminal part of a synergistic movement in the early 90’s that sought to redefine what LGBT nightlife could offer, with a shared vision found at places like Squeezebox & Jackie 60 in New York and Trannyshack in San Francisco. The club ended its unprecedented run in January 2013, on its 20th Anniversary.

“Frockumentary” co-directors Phil Scanlon and Paul V. will share the story of the now-legendary pansexual nightclub while inviting viewers to experience the convergence of ’90’s alternative music, queer politics, and the subversive drag ethos that defined the Dragstrip 66 aesthetic, in the infant-internet, pre-social media age.

The movie will feature appearances and commentary by many of the club’s renowned performers and vocal supporters, such as: Mink Stole, Jackie Beat, Momma, Joey Arias, Sharon Needles, Holly Woodlawn, Sherry Vine, Varla Jean Merman, Heklina (Trannyshack), Kay Sedia, Kelly Mantle, Chi Chi LaRue, Miss Coco Peru, Willam and countless patrons sharing their beloved memories of attending the club.

The filmmakers need your support so please contribute here if you can. We need more and more of this type of media as we chronicle our history and road to equality.

Chicken Soup for the Gay Soul


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