Tony Perkins: Separation of Church and State Equals Terrorism

Yes. You heard that correctly. The right wing nuts love playing the victim card, so why not declare themselves “victims” of terrorism? Yesterday, hate group leader Tony Perkins of American Family Association slammed separation of church and state. Via Right Wing Watch: Tony Perkins: That’s what these groups are banking on, because in these financially […]

@BosGuy: Gorgeous Fun In P-Town (VIDEO)

My Twitter and blog buddy @BosGuy just posted this video of all the fun the gays are having in Provincetown for Carnival. I’m jealous. So many hot men that I am drooling at my desk (not to mention and appearance from Charo). The one time I met this hottie, I was sporting a jock strap […]

Chris Crocker Happy In His Cowboy Hat and Ready For Cock

Chris Crocker shows us his pumped up body as he prepares for his first porn film with Chi Chi LaRue and his co-star Brent Everett: And yes, he’s been hand-picked by Chi Chi LaRue to star in a new porn film alongside (and likely underneath) Brent Everett. Cockstar will explore meta-themes like Internet stardom, video diaries… and […]

Jamaica TV Rejects Gay PSA (VIDEO)

Jamaica has always closed its door and even tolerated violence toward LGBT individuals. Now, the country’s television network has rejected a pro-gay PSA made by Jamaica AIDS Support for Life. So sad… From the video description: Hatred of LGBT persons is rooted in ignorance and fear. By telling the stories of actual Jamaicans we can […]
Obama vacation golf

Right Wing Bitches About Obama’s Vacation

Right windbags like Donald Trump and FOX News are bitching about the Obama family’s vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. Their argument is that with the economy and stock markets crashing, it’s no time for a vacation. Meanwhile, Congress is on a month-long vacation until September. I am sure Boehner’s tan looks better than ever. From Daily […]

Alexander Skarsgard Graces Us With Shirtlessness In ‘Straw Dogs’

Via Just Jared: Synopsis: L.A. screenwriter David Sumner (James Marsden) relocates with his wife (Kate Bosworth) to her hometown in the deep South. There, while tensions build between them, a brewing conflict with locals (Skarsgard and others) becomes a threat to them both… Hot cast. Hope we get to see some James Marsden stripped down, […]