Apparently, Today’s National Bathtub Day…So, Here Are Men in Bathtubs

Yes. I am not kidding. Today, we celebrate the bathtub. There is a day for everything. This is better than muffin day, though.



For All The Twink Lovers Out There

Here's male model Jordan Barrett:

Via MM Scene


Hunky Brian Sims Goes to Washington?

Out Pennsylvania Congressman Brian Sims has announced that he will run for the U.S. Congress. This is great news for Sims and definitely the LGBT community.

From Sims’ statement:

“At its core the American story is a quest for justice. Its first scene written right here in Philadelphia. Its chapters are many, and each yielded a stronger definition of justice. It’s a quest that continues today. We face blatant racism on the presidential stage, hatred spun as faith, discrimination in the workplace, and bloodshed in our streets. I haven’t walked in everyone’s shoes, but I’ve logged enough miles in my own to know I’ll never back down. It’s why I began studying as a teenager to become a civil rights lawyer, why I’ve stood up for those in need, why I ran for the legislature beholden to none, so I would be bound to represent all. It’s what gave me the courage to share my own story. No one will fight harder for justice in the eyes of the law, and respect in the minds of our leaders. Working together we can redefine justice once again.”

Watch his announcement video below.

When Shirtless Twink British Divers Play Paintball

Brit divers Jack Laugher, Freddie Woodward, Jack Haslam and Yona Knight-Wisdom Instagram their day off as they pleasure themselves in the joy of shirtless paintball. Well, at least for Instagram that is:


Paintballing with @jacklaugher @freddiebevis @jackrhaslam @yonakw @jamesrdenny & Sambrook.

A photo posted by Chris Mears (@mearschris93) on

Big day paintballing with the lads 😄

A photo posted by Jack Laugher (@jacklaugher) on

And here’s lots more Chris:

Shameless bathroom selfie 😉

A photo posted by Chris Mears (@mearschris93) on

New PJ's ✌🏼️

A photo posted by Chris Mears (@mearschris93) on

Here's to 100K of you lovely people following me! 🎉🎊 love to you all! 💜

A photo posted by Chris Mears (@mearschris93) on


A photo posted by Chris Mears (@mearschris93) on

Lads on da boat! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 😎

A photo posted by Chris Mears (@mearschris93) on

And, Jack:

I like gaming 🎮

A photo posted by Jack Laugher (@jacklaugher) on

I ripped my shorts in Rio #ThrowBack

A photo posted by Jack Laugher (@jacklaugher) on

Mid air shot by @michaelthomasphotos

A photo posted by Jack Laugher (@jacklaugher) on


Watch: The Boys From Well Strung Are Coming Out With an Album

Here’s an all-male and gay singing group whose popularity is growing like crazy.

unnamed (1)

Last week, Well-Strung released its second studio album, titled POPssical. The pop/classical fusion group’s LP features 10 tracks, including memorable renditions of “Blank Space (Feat. Bach)” and “Royals (Feat. Palladio)” as well as the infamous ode to Hillary Clinton, “Chelsea’s Mom” as a bonus track. Released from the label Music With A Twist, the album features ten tracks including memorable renditions of “Blank Space (Feat. Bach)” and “Royals (Feat. Palladio)” as well as the infamous ode to Hillary Clinton, “Chelsea’s Mom” as a bonus track.

The group surprised fans with a bonus music video for the track “The Devil Went Down To Georgia (Feat. Bach Double),” taking Bach’s “Double Violin Concerto” and combinging it with the Southern charm of the Charlie Daniels Band for a new sound all its own.

You can order the album here. Now, here’s the group’s new video for a classic song from the album, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”:

ISIS Grimly Executes More Gays

We need to eliminate these evil jackasses:

ARA reports that Islamic militants from ISIS murdered two Iraqi men on Sunday for being gay.

An eyewitness told ARA News: “On Sunday afternoon, Daesh (ISIS) called on the people of Mosul to gather in the square of Bab al-Toub [in the city of Mosul] in order to witness the execution of the two men. The victims were taken to the top of a building and were brutally thrown off the roof.”

via ISIS throws four gay men to their death – LGBTQ Nation.


Happy Monday – With Nearly-Naked French Firemen

A new calendar-for-charity (I love this time of year) is out and it features overly sexualized (again, no complaints from me) French firemen.

Via Towleroad:

We’ve told you about Dieux du Stade and The Warwick Rowers, both known for their revealing photo-calendars. Now, we have a new entrant into the race for hottest black and white male pictorial calendar: a group of French firefighters raising funds for “Pompiers San Frontieres”, or Firefighters Without Borders. The organization is “dedicated to assisting fire departments in need of specific skills, training or resources related to fire service.”

Without further adieu, please grab a fire extinguisher:


And here are “behind the scenes” videos:

Watch: This Poor Thing Is Distressed that Tom Daley Is Engaged

The new “leave Britney alone?”

This Tom Daley fan is not happy about Daley’s recently-revealed engagement to Dustin Lance Black:

This guy deserves at least a Razzzie for this performance.

And here’s to the happy couple:

image image

Today’s Gratuitous Pic : Russell Tovey

From the 'Looking' actor's Instagram.


Chicken Soup for the Gay Soul


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