Today’s Gratuitous Pic: Anyone Have A Lighter? #TooHotForWords


Watch: The Way People Fuck #SFW

Davey Wavey can be a major tool, but I do like all his cute twink friends. Here he is (with his half-dollar nipples) giving us some guidance with a couple of boys (are they over 18)?

Here’s the New Sexy Rocky Horror

Fox has announced some additional roles for its upcoming remake of cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show. As you may know, Orange is the New Black's Laverne Cox will play Dr. Frank-N-Furter, the “sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania,” made famous by Tim Curry in the 1975 film. Professional pretty person Staz Nair will play the object of Cox's obsession, the titular Rocky Horror.

The Russian/Indian model, actor and singer-songwriter was a former contestant on X-Factor UK and is noticeably taller, darker and handsomer than previous incarnations of the scantily-clad “monster.”

I think he'll look wonderful in those infamous gold shorts:



Today’s Chicken Soup Digest: Why Donald Trump Supporters are Fucking Scary

In case you support Donald Trump (which is your choice), I’d like to share some more crazy around his presidential bid to hopefully convince you otherwise.

The man is truly scary. He has tapped into and reinforced a portion of America’s fear of immigrants, the boogeyman in the White House, minorities, birthers – you know the list.

Really?’: Trump-loving gun shop owner shocks CNN hosts by cradling AR-15 for entire bizarre interview

“This is an exact replica of the gun we gave Mr. Trump,” he explained. “It has our Black Ops Arms symbol on it with our Black Ops Arms symbol on the handrail. And the other side, we have the ‘Live Free or Die’ with the American flag on the handrail.”

Trump supporter says feminists should be burned alive for desecrating crucifixes

Theodore Shoebat, an anti-gay Donald Trump supporter, posted the comments to his blog on Tuesday. Last month, Shoebat called for armed raids on “demonic” yoga studios in order to “Christianize the land.”

In his Tuesday video, Shoebat said he doesn’t believe attacks on Christianity “should be tolerated.”

“There’s these feminists in France, they’ll get crucifixes and they’ll put the crucifixes up their anuses,” he said. “Those people should not be tolerated. That happened in Italy. If I was ruling in Italy or if the Italian government called me up and said, ‘Theodore what do you think we should do?’ I would say, ‘You need to arrest those women and burn them at the stake.’”

Shoebat, by the way, is just plain crazy:

Trump Supporters Back Up ‘Birther’ Claims, Accuse Obama of Being Part of ‘New World Order’

It is always fun to hear redneck whites discuss the ‘New World Order.’


Flying Monkeys Get Engaged After ‘Wicked’ Curtain Call

This could definitely make the show popular again!

Via OUT Magazine:

Josh Daniel Green, who portrays a flying monkey in Wicked on Broadway, just got the sweetest Christmas present. When the cast completed curtain call on Christmas night, they all gathered around for what Green thought was a cast photo. When another flying monkey pulled him front and center, he quickly realized it was a slightly more special occasion.

His boyfriend, Daniel Robinson made the cutest proposal on the Gershwin Theatre stage for Glinda, Elphaba, and all of Emerald City to witness. Luckily, someone filmed it so us common folk could enjoy it too.

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black Are Too Cute For Words

The sickeningly cute power couple Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley cover OUT's Love Issue:

Daley: We spoke every day, non-stop. My phone would buzz, and we’d just be in constant communication, it was kind of insane, like there was nothing else around me. We’d met in March, and it was about eight weeks later that we saw each other again, for my 19th birthday party. It was all a bit of a blur, because I had just flown in, Lance had just flown in, we were jet-lagged, and then we went to the party. But then the next day, we went on our first real date. That was the night he said, “Tom will you be my boyfriend?” when we were drunk in the hotel, and then he said, “Actually, you don’t have to answer that.” When I woke up the next morning, I turned to him and said, “Yes.” And he said, “What do you mean, ‘Yes’?” And I said, “Yes, I’ll be your boyfriend.”

You can view the entire interview here.



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