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Oklahoma: F*ck You Gays – Noone Can Get Married!

Oklahoma hates LGBTs so much, it is willing to screw over straight couples in the process:

The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a bill yesterday that would stop the state from issuing marriage licenses altogether rather than allow same-gender couples to obtain them, Tulsa World reports:

Oklahoma would stop issuing marriage licenses under legislation passed Tuesday afternoon by the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

House Bill 1125, by Rep. Todd Russ, R-Cordell, would instead require those officiating marriage ceremonies to file after-the-fact “certificates of marriage” with court clerks’ offices. Alternatively, couples could file affidavits of common law marriage.

Russ said his bill is intended to “protect” county court clerks who do not want to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. “This takes them out of the trap,” he said.

In other words, Russ wants to create a loophole so that anti-LGBT public servants wouldn’t have to fulfill their duties if those duties include serving LGBT people. Same-sex couples have been able to legally marry in Oklahoma since October 2014, when the Supreme Court allowed a pro-marriage equality ruling from the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals to stand.

via Oklahoma House Votes to Stop All Marriages Because Gays | The Bilerico Project.

Watch: Michael Urie and Randy Harrison Couple Up in ‘Such Good People’

This looks promising (or stupid)? Gay films are always so hit-or-miss.

Breaking Glass Pictures is releasing 'Such Good People' on DVD and VOD on April 14, 2015. The film is a gay screwball comedy starring Michael Urie (“Ugly Betty”), Randy Harrison (“Queer as Folk”), Scott Wolf (“Party of Five”), Ana Ortiz (“Ugly Betty,” “Devious Maids”) and Lance Bass (N'Sync).

Is it me or does Randy look exactly the same as he did during 'Queer as Folk'?

The plot centers on a young gay couple who discover a secret room filled with cash while house-sitting for rich friends who die while out of the country.

The film has screened at Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Film Out San Diego, Out Twin Cities Film Festival, and Portland Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.

Such Good People will be available on the following VOD platforms: All cable providers, iTunes, Amazon Instant, Vudu, Blockbuster, Google Play, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Will you check it out? Watch the trailer below…



Porno Peter LaBarbera Does Not Like TV Gay Kissing; Warns GOP Will Fail As a Result

I haven’t written about my buddy Porno Pete (LaBarbera) recently and his obsession with all things gay: leather street festivals, Gay Pride parades, and, of course, gays kissing on TV.

A recent episode of ABC Family’s ‘The Fosters’ featured two pre-teen boys kissing. This was enough to once again infuriate the anti-gays. Porno Pete is kind of the towel boy for the entire anti-gay movement as he usually isn’t included in all their gay-hating fun:

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality’s Peter LaBarbera joined Janet Mefferd on Friday to discuss the Supreme Court brief filed by a number of prominent conservatives in favor of marriage equality, along with a Buzzfeed article labeling Jeb Bush “2016’s gay-friendly Republican.”

Needless to say, LaBarbera and Mefferd were not pleased with these developments, and speculated that Christians will start to leave the Republican Party if support for gay rights begins to gain a foothold in the party.

LaBarbera warned that Republicans need to not only hold onto their opposition to marriage equality, but also start speaking out against things like a kiss between two teenage boys on a recent episode of the TV show “The Fosters.”

“In my mind, if the Republican Party can’t even talk about something as fundamental to morality and our nation’s future as whether it’s okay to push young people into homosexuality and to model that as a positive thing, if Republicans can’t even handle that issue, then I think there’s not a good prospect long term for the Republican Party,” he said.

via LaBarbera: GOP Will Fall If It Stops Talking About Gay Kisses On TV | Right Wing Watch.

Today’s Gratuitous Pic: Marlon Teixeira

If you ever read DanNation 2.0, you will remember my fixation with Brazilian model Marlon Teixeira.

He’s back on DanNation 3.0. Check out plenty more pics below snapped by fashion photographer Gui Paganini. Marlon looks gorgeous in Osmoze Denim’s latest line.

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