The Naked Male 2016 #NSFW Calendars Are Coming Earlier and Earlier

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King’s College London’s Men’s Rugby team and student newspaper Roar News have teamed up to shoot a naked calendar to raise money for charity:

The calendar sees the Men’s 1st team posing totally naked with only cleverly placed objects hiding their dignity. All the photographs were shot at various locations at the university’s flagship campus on the Strand.

The proceeds raised from the venture will be donated to Broken Rainbow UK – a domestic violence and abuse charity for LGBT communities. The charity helps over 5,000 people per year.

At least one in four lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people experience domestic violence.

The project has been endorsed by King’s College London and took under a month from the initial idea to the calendar being printed.

Photos from the calendar will be released each day next week in the run up to London Varsity.
A spokesperson from Broken Rainbow said: “We are so pleased to hear that Roar News has chosen to donate proceeds from the King’s College London Men’s Rugby Calendar this year to Broken Rainbow UK.

We think it’s a brave step taken by Roar to choose us as their charity of choice, as the issue of domestic violence and abuse within LGBT communities is often overlooked and made hidden even within the LGBT community itself.

We have many young LGBT callers and we hope that by buying the calendar, students will become aware of the issue and that our helpline is there for them if ever they, or someone they know, need it.”

At DanNation, we are all for celebrating calendars with naked dudes. Watch the behind-the-scenes below:


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With Pink Triangles? HIV-Positive People Should Be Quarantined, Says Right-Wing Pundit

An ongoing anti-gay talking point is that “being gay” is a health crisis in itself, and as a result, The Tony Perkins, Byran Fischers, and Peter LaBarberas continue to use meaningless and debunked data to carry on with their hateful rhetoric:

Lord Christopher Monckton writes in WorldNetDaily today that liberals, in order to be consistent with their support for public health efforts, should run campaigns that highlight “the misery, disease and death that homosexuality – no less than smoking – brings to its unfortunate practitioners” and to people who are “drawn into the homosexual deathstyle.”

He claims that liberals are hypocrites for speaking out about the dangers of smoking and climate change while, at the same time, trying to “promote ‘gay’ ‘marriage.’”

In fact, Monckton goes so far to call for the “immediate, compulsory, permanent isolation of carriers” of HIV.

Life expectancy for gay and bisexual men is eight to 20 years less than for all men. If the same pattern of mortality were to continue, it is estimated that nearly half of gay and bisexual men now aged 20 will not reach their 65th birthday.

Now, we can always hope that the development of anti-retroviral drugs has helped since 18 years ago. However, the life expectancy of a smoker is 10 years shorter than that of a non-smoker, which – even assuming a dramatic improvement in homosexual lifespans since the 1990s – makes promiscuous homosexuality no less dangerous to the health of those who practice it than smoking.

Yet leftists, instead of insisting – as they do with smoking – that public-health campaigns should warn people of the medical dangers of homosexuality, they “celebrate” it and promote “gay” “marriage.”

The facts are clear enough. But the left does not support the facts because the facts do not support the left.

What conclusion should be drawn? It is surely this: Public policy on questions from homosexuality to climate change – where the left is similarly cavalier with the facts (just read any statement from Mr. Obama about the climate) – should be determined on the basis of fact as well as fashion and sentiment.

The Church’s continuous teaching on homosexuality is not some outmoded, fuddy-duddy, far-right, redneck hate-crime. It is born of love for those who might otherwise be drawn into the homosexual deathstyle. It is intended to prevent the misery, disease and death that homosexuality – no less than smoking – brings to its unfortunate practitioners.

Thirty years ago, I pointed out in the American Spectator that in the absence of the usual public-health measure to contain a new and fatal infection – immediate, compulsory, permanent isolation of carriers – millions would die of HIV. I also pointed out that Western sensibilities would not permit the identification and isolation of carriers.

via WND Pundit: HIV-Positive People Should Be Quarantined | Right Wing Watch.

Assuming that the wing nuts can find prison coveralls with pink triangles, we can go back to Nazi Germany.

Watch: The Golden Girls on Marriage Equality

Sophia Petrillo puts the need and desire for marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples in a very astute yet simple way.


Watch: Indiana Is A Great Place to be a Bigot

With the passage of the horrbile religious liberties bill in Indiana, companies, activists and other stakeholders are expressing outrage. Gov. Pence destroyed himself on the Sunday morning talk shows yesterday as he had difficulty defending the homophobic law.

At least someone is having fun with it:

On the other hand, righties are using the backlash to further hammer home their victim status:

You can sign a petition now to encourage the NCAA to pull its Big Ten football championship games from Indiana this fall.

Let’s hope this backlash helps stop the passage of other laws in other states.

Chicken Soup for the Gay Soul


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