WATCH: The ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Teaser Trailer Is Here With Plenty Of Grinding, Stripping And Shirtless Dudes

WATCH: The ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Teaser Trailer Is Here With Plenty Of Grinding, Stripping And Shirtless Dudes



The ‘Attitude’ Naked Issue Is Here!

UK’s ‘Attitude’ magazine is out with its annual naked issue featuring the likes of Charlie King (above), Chris Salvatore, Dan Osborne and many other sexy dudes.

Check out the issue here and enjoy more below.

Watch Out Burning Man 2015 – Here Comes Pumkin

Pumkin is my playa name.

And, it will once again serve as my Burning Man name when I return to Black Rock City later this year. I was fortunate enough to score a ticket to the event in today’s Direct Group ticket sale. As one of the many leaders of Mudskipper’s Urban Decay Cafe, I was able to participate in the select sale and cut through the many hassles of procuring a ticket.

On my old blog, I wrote many times about how BM changed my life. It removed my inhibitions and helped me take that all-important step of coming out of the closet. It has introduced me to some of the most incredible friends I have ever made. And, in the many years I have gone since my virgin year in 1995, I have experienced a different Burning Man every single year.

We read of the many people who claim the event has gone corporate and too mainstream. The only response I have is that every participant gets out of it what he or she puts into it. You determine your own experience and destiny while a resident of Black Rock City. Just leave your judgement at the door and have fun.

And speaking of experiences, if you are unaware of Burning Man, take a look at the video below. It is a wonderful documentary about one of the more popular gay camps Glamcocks. You will also very much enjoy the eye candy.

Watch below…

Mrs. Betty Bowers and the Secret Gay Handshake

Were you just propositioned by a homosexual? You may have been and not even know it! Use Gov. Mike Huckabee’s handy guide to the secret mating ritual used by all homosexuals – and be sure next time. You’re welcome!

Post by Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian.

Babe of the Super Bowl: Julian Edelman and his Booty

Let's celebrate the New England Patriots fourth Super Bowl win by paying tribute to 28-year-old wide receiver Julian Edelman, who ranks highly in the sexy athlete department.

Take a look:







Monday’s Twink of the Day

If you are into such men. More at Gay Body Blog.

image image image

Patriots’ Malcolm Butler and His Huge Bulge Pose With Super Bowl Trophy

Via Instinct Magazine:


Congrats to my home town team New England Patriots for winning Super Bowl 49! Here’s a very well-endowed Malcolm Butler, his huge bulge, and the Lombardi Trophy following the team’s victory.

Chicken Soup for the Gay Soul


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