Today’s Chicken Soup Digest: Indiana Fight Club

As we have watched the response to Indiana's contraversial religious liberties law, and the subsequent resubmission of a modified bill to Gov. Pence, heads have exploded all over the place. Religious groups claim the modifications weaken their right to discriminate, and LGBT activists claim that the law doesn't go far enough.

I have had issues with gay activists' response to the Indiana pizza parlor owner who said that her establishment would not serve gay weddings (what gay in his or her mind would want a wedding catered with pizza anyways?). I have claimed for years that we LGBTs need to learn when and how we play our cards. I am not sure the response against the homophobic owner was warranted.

Look – homophobia isn't going anywhere. I do agree with the idea proposed by the Oklahoma legislator recently that these businesses should post a sticker on their doors stating clearly that they won't serve LGBTs.

Without going into all the chicken soup of Indiana news, here's a sampling of articles covering the furor. They range from a U.S. Tea Party Senator telling us that things could be worse – we could be hung in Iran – to Pat Robertson talking about anal sex (again).


Tom Cotton to Gays of America: At Least You're Not Living in Iran

Anti-gay Spokesmen throw furious tantrums over losses in Arkansas, Indiana

Indiana Pizza Parlor That Won't Cater Gay Weddings Gets $55,000 And Christian Martyr Status

Pat Robertson: Gays Will Force You To Like Anal Sex, Beastiality

Mat Staver: Gays Are Like Hamas

Indiana Gov. Pence Quickly Signs Religious Freedom 'Fix' Into Law

Hate Group Leader Jonathan Saenz Compares Same-Sex Marriage to Incest, Says Gays

Not too much hate there, is there?

Here’s Steve Grand’s New Music Video: “Time”

You can check out Steve's YouTube channel and links to his new album here.


Guess What? Higher Percentage of Gay Porn in Southern States

Pornhub just tallied the % of gay porn searches across the U.S. Unsurprisingly, the states without legal same-sex marriage came out with a higher percentage of searches for gay porn:

Pornhub recently got together with our friends at Buzzfeed to bring you our latest porn statistics. They asked us if the same might be true about gay married couples? Do the states with legalized gay marriage watch more gay porn than the states where it is still illegal? The quick answer: yes. At 4.41%, states with legalized gay marriage watch 7% more gay porn than states without at 4.13%.

The results get trickier once you start looking at the map, state by state. The majority of states with a high percentage of gay viewers is in the South, where gay marriage is illegal in all states. Dixie loves dicks so much, that the percentage of gay viewers for every single state in the South is higher than the average of the legal gay marriage states.

The correlation between gay-marriage states and gay porn searches makes sense given that in areas where LGBTs remain closeted, gays would be more apt to get that relief while watching porn.

A problem with the study is that it did not break down the searches into gender or sexuality, so there may be a large margin of error and less difference than the study reveals.

Nonetheless, these studies fascinate me.

The read to full study, check it out on Pornhub.



Apple To Resurrect Its Rainbow-Colored Logo

All of us long-time Apple fans remember the iconic rainbow logo that graced the company's products from the 1980s to 1999. In celebration of its 39th anniversary, Apple is bringing back the logo to celebrate diversity.

Via Mac Daily News:

Apple’s definition of diversity goes far beyond the traditional categories of race, religion, gender, and ethnicity. It includes personal qualities that usually go unmeasured, like sexual orientation, veteran status, and disabilities. Who we are, where we come from, and what we’ve experienced influence the way we perceive issues and solve problems. Apple believes in celebrating that diversity and investing in it.

This transition will roll out over the coming year and be fully complete with the official opening of Apple Campus 2 in 2016.

“Our message, to people around the country and around the world, is this: Apple is open. Open to everyone, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, how they worship or who they love,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, in a statement. “I’ve had the good fortune to work at a company that loves creativity and innovation and knows it can only flourish when you embrace people’s differences. We will never tolerate discrimination.”

Graphic designer Rob Janoff designed the famous six-color rainbow Apple logo in 1977 after he was given the now-famous direction by Steve Jobs: “Don’t make it cute.” The logo replaced an earlier, more complex logo designed by Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne who, along with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, founded Apple Computer on April 1, 1976, 39 years ago today. On August 27, 1999, Apple officially dropped the rainbow scheme and began to use a series of monochromatic logos – until today.

I, for one, think this is pretty cool and have come to miss the colorful icon over the years.

What do you think of Apple's return to the rainbow logo?


My Apology For Not Blogging Today


Today has been batshit crazy. Hence, I will entertain your horny tendencies with these exquisite pics from Boy Culture.



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