Happy Monday With A Shirtless Workout

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I Feel the Bern #NSFW

Thank you Daniel David Hanks for sending this along. I like starting Mondays with a beautiful boy for Bernie.

#37 Gay Song: I Fucked Your Dad Ft Pandora Boxx (NSFW) @GayMusicChart

#37 Gay Song: I Fucked Your Dad Ft Pandora Boxx (NSFW) @GayMusicChart

Source: #37 Gay Song: I Fucked Your Dad Ft Pandora Boxx (NSFW) @GayMusicChart https://t.co/MSvidJxN0x https://t.co/aoH2jbgJke

#snowmageddon Gallery: How These Guys Are Braving The East Coast Blizzard

Balls to the Wall 2016 Happy New Year :)

A photo posted by @jakeshears on

Well, the first one was from New Years. But, it is Jake Shears.

Now, here’s the real deal. And the boys look like they are having fun.

Alright #snowmageddon Bring it on! #snow #snowstorm #snowday #outofcontrol #hairstillonpoint #snowstormjonas

A photo posted by Jason (@david__jason) on

Charles street chillin during the #snowmageddon and yes Coco has a turtle neck sweater and is looking fab.

A photo posted by Lindsay C. (@lindsay__chen) on

@canadagoose #prefall shoot w @brandoncardet #snowmageddon #blizzardnyc2016

A photo posted by Ariel Foxman (@arielfoxman) on

venturing out into the wild white yonder with @bombwvlf. #snowpocalypse2016 #snowmageddon #snowzilla

A photo posted by Sheila Sengupta (@shelayluh) on

My dude 💋❤️#snow #snowmageddon #blizzard

A photo posted by familystone (@familystone) on

Park Ave too snowy for Doug's taste…#snowmageddon

A photo posted by Dan Curtis (@thatwasdelightful) on

Facing the #snowmageddon #Jonas in Midtown #NYC

A photo posted by Will Van Moss (@will.vanmoss) on

Snowed in and hangin with pops! S/O to @honeylb for the dope bracelet! #snowmageddon #blizzardlife @jasperhitman54

A photo posted by kellie wells (@kelliewellz) on

#gaysnow #snow #snowday #jonas #stormjonas

A photo posted by Leonardo Cirigliano (@leciga) on

#snowkakke Jonas blew on my face! #gaysnow #snomg

A photo posted by Paul Munas (@greenthumbz) on

❄️❄️The #snowstorm is here!!!❄️❄️ #RVA #richmondva #winter #gay #gaysnow #gayboy #lgbt #itsfuckingcold #snowselfie #hashtag #yas

A photo posted by 💥💥💥💥💥 JC 💥💥💥💥💥 (@jcmyers_) on

#snowday #snowgay

A photo posted by Bass Zu (@bass_zu) on

Uncle Joe Biden Comes Out In Support of LGBT Rights – Again

At a conference hosted by Human Rights Campaign (HRC) this week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Vice President Joe Biden delivered a passionate address in support of LGBT rights:

“I’ve had it up to here with culture. I really mean it. Culture never justifies rank, raw, discrimination or violation of human rights. There is no cultural justification. None. None. None.”

“LGBT people face violence, harassment, unequal treatment, mistreatment by cops, denial of health care, isolation—always in the name of culture.”

I’m going to miss Uncle Joe. Watch the video via OUT.

Watch: Sexy Matthew Camp in “Sock Job” Trailer

Matthew Camp, one of the sexy leads you might have seen in 'Getting Go: The Go Doc Project,' is in a new film called 'Sock Job.' The film is, in essence, a comedy about masturbation. The trailer is actually a GIF of the first half of the film which unveils Matthew shirtless and wearing only his panties for most of it.


Sock Jobs’ website: ‘Sock Job is a screwball comedy about masturbation, directed by Mark Allen and starring Matthew Camp. “On a dark and stormy night in a secluded cabin in the woods, a young man faces challenges while trying to relieve his boredom.”‘

I don't know about you, but any chance to ogle at Camp (whether live, in a film, or a GIF) should not be wasted.

Enjoy the GIF here. Oh yea, he also has a line of fragrance (see first pic below).

And to refresh your memory, here is Matthew from his Instagram:










Chicken Soup for the Gay Soul


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