Doritos Announces Rainbow Chips – Right-Wing Heads Explode and Ruin the Salsa #itgetsbetter


This didn’t take long. It’s also interesting that Kim Davis looks like she’s had a few bags of Doritos.

Boycott, boycott, boycott – surprised?

Frito-Lay, the parent company of Doritos, today launched a great offer: donate $10 or more online to Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project, get a bag of Rainbow Doritos – a limited edition version of its Cool Ranch flavor chips baked in the colors of the rainbow, to represent the gay pride flag.It Gets Better is a non-profit charity created in 2010 in response to the large numbers of kids who were attempting or committing suicide – kids who were literally bullied to death. Its sole purpose is to help LGBTQ kids and teens understand that life after you’re a kid or a teen gets better, and suicide is never the right answer.That’s it.The Doritos campaign is simple: raise money for a worthwhile cause, a charity that is helping to raise awareness and helping to reduce youth and teen suicide.And some conservatives, of course, have a problem with that.There are no gimmicks, no huge in-store displays, no TV ads, no Rainbow Doritos sponsoring the Super Bowl (although there’s an idea!) and yet the anti-gay right is freaking out – calling for a boycott of “fag Doritos,” among other ugly attacks.Labeling Dan Savage an “infamous anti-Christian bully and bigot,” Breitbart’s John Nolte writes that the “rainbow color of the Dorito chips represent the LGBT rainbow flag, a symbol now widely seen as one of anti-Christian hate and bigotry.”Nolte is the one who started that idea, and no, the gay pride flag is not “widely seen as one of anti-Christian hate and bigotry.”

via Conservatives Are Freaking Out Over ‘Rainbow Doritos’ Campaign For LGBT Anti-Suicide Charity – The New Civil Rights Movement.


Gallery: Happy 23rd Birthday, Nick Jonas!

Both Neil Patrick Harris and Brad Goreski have admitted he is their boy toy crush. Guess what? He's mine, too.

To celebrate the sexy stud's 23rd birthday, I present some (of many) photos over which you can drool and otherwise have a good time. Just be sure to have lube and tissues nearby.

Happy Birthday, Nick!




Watch: The Gay Age Gap

I spend much of my time with younger men and women while, at the same time, making age-revealing jokes about pop culture, politics and myself. When the video below was posted on Facebook yesterday, a friend of mine commented:

The gay gap is alive and well. Recently I made a joke about ‘Dallas’ versus ‘Dynasty’ and my millenial friends looked at me with blank faces. I talked with another friend about when the drinking age used to be 18 and she didn’t believe me. Well, enough of you readers DO get my pop culture references so thank you.
Here’s a humorous take on what us older gays experience every single day. Enjoy…

Happy Birthday to Prince Ginge – Who Turns 31 Today With a New Ginge Beard

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Watch: ‘Hedwig’ Ends Its Broadway Run

While I didn’t have the opportunity to see ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ on Broadway, I remain a devout fan of the music, the film and all things Hedwig.

After more than a year, the Tony award-winning show ended its run last night with Taye Diggs. Original Broadway Hedwig Neil Patrick Harris and later performer Darren Criss showed up for curtain call. Watch as lyricist Stephen Trask takes the cast and crew through a jovial version of ‘Wig in a Box.’

Happy 37th Birthday, Dreamy Ben Cohen!

Major LGBT ally Ben Cohen celebrates his 37th birthday today.

While some have criticized his recent “bloat,” all of us heavier girls appreciate normal bodies (should we say dadbod?). With that pointed out, I'll take Ben any way I can.

Now, here for your viewing pleasure, is a gallery of hottie former rugby star Cohen. You're welcome!

Happy Birthday, Ben!


Today’s Gratuitous Pic: Alex Pettyfer

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Chicken Soup for the Gay Soul


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