Watch: The Duggars Respond to Sexual Abuse Scandal on ‘Funny or Die’

Via Funny or Die:

“When we first heard of Josh’s mistakes, we did the right thing and ignored the girl who came forward,” a wig-donning “Michelle” sarcastically tells the camera.

“Girls lie all the time,” parody-Jim Bob adds. “That’s what they do.”

In response to Josh’s work with (and subsequent resignation from) certified antigay hate group the Family Research Council, the faux Duggar parents commended their son for rising up as a vocal opponent to LGBT equality.

“Josh moved on with his life, and was the head of the Family Research Council,” says Jim Bob in the clip. “He dedicated all of his efforts to Christ’s love, and informing Americans about the dangers of homosexuals.”

“Homosexuals prey on children, and they do not deserve to walk on God’s green earth,” says Michelle.


Photo of the Week: Marriage Equality for Ireland


A couple embraces outside the count centre in Dublin as Ireland holds a referendum on gay marriage. Ireland voted heavily in favor of allowing same-sex marriage in a historic referendum that marks a dramatic social shift in the traditionally Catholic country. (Cathal Mcnaughton / Reuters)

Adyian Dowling Could Be The First Transgender Man to Cover ‘Men’s Health’ (Video)

Behind The Scenes: Matthew Lewis’ ‘Attitude’ Cover Shoot

I couldn't embed the video here, but 'Attitude Magazine' has released a behind-the-scenes video from its photo shoot with sexy Matthew Lewis. I noticed his hotness several years ago so it is funny to see gay men's heads explode when they discover that Neville Longbottom grew up.

Screenshots are below and you can watch the video here.


19-Year-Old Brit Footballer Shares His Big Ben With The World #NSFW

Internet sleuthers always fascinate me. Especially ones who find a kid with a horse cock like this one. There are many questions that come to mind: how did it get bent? who would enjoy such a porker inside of them?

Via Queerty:

His face was cropped in the pictures, but all signs point to the mystery man being 19-year-old UK footballer Aaron Moody.

Tumblr user angloselfies spread the news, writing:

“So bigwhitecock20 was Aaron Moody on instagram. Didn’t believe it until I saw the nose and the pictures of shoes. Unfortunately I guess this is why he left tumblr. Someone made the connection.”

There's not much else here to say. For a look at the unfettered monster known as Aaron's cock, check out the NSFW photos here.


Roy Moore: Impeach Ruth Bader Ginsburg Over Gay Marriage Case

The religious right is continuing its screaming about impeaching Supreme Court Justices Ginsburg and Kagan over the fact they have presided over same-sex marriage ceremonies. With the impending SCOTUS decision on gay marriage coming to us in the next couple of weeks, the wing nuts are panicking as they realize they will probably lose.

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore refuses to go away. After he told his state to ignore court rulings in favor of marriage equality, he has become the darling of the right. Here, he maintains the new conservative message of ignoring SCOTUS’ decision.

From Right Wing Watch:

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore spoke with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins on Friday about his belief that states should “resist” a potential Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, saying that Congress and the states should simply defy a court decision they disagree with by stating “that there is no right to redefine marriage” in the U.S. Constitution.

“We have justices on the Supreme Court right now who have actually performed same-sex marriages, Ginsburg and Kagan,” Moore continued. “Congress should do something about this.”

He said that if Justice Ginsburg does not recuse herself from the case, then Congress should commence impeachment proceedings.

“This is undermining the rule of law in our country and ushers in an age of chaos,” Perkins added.

You can listen to the entire interview at Roy Moore: Impeach Ruth Bader Ginsburg Over Gay Marriage Case | Right Wing Watch.

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