#TGIF Trevor Donovan Is Looking Smoking Hot



#Selfie of the Day: Woof! Via @WickedGayBlog

Via David at Wicked Gay Blog (which you need to read daily)…


Watch: Trailer for Levi Michaels’ New Travel Series ‘No Strings Attached’ #NSA


Porn performer Levi Michaels has launched a new web series where he travels with his BFF (Joe) and a cameraman to visit new places all over the world.

I just LOVE his ginger beard. Woof! Watch below:

Watch: Gregg Sulkin Performs a Shirtless “Milkshake” on ‘Lip Sync Battle’

He’s so pretty. Via VJBrendan

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Watch This 1991 Phil Donahue Show About Gay Marriage #marriageequality

It’s incredible how far we’ve come…

#TGIF: Lumbersexual Colby Keller’s Rocks Instagram

I was cruising Buzzfeed today (a guilty pleasure) and ran across a story on gay porn performer Colby Keller’s Instagram. I couldn’t resist. See even more at the original posting.

Porn_Star_Colby_Keller_Is_One_Hot_Lumbersexual 2 Porn_Star_Colby_Keller_Is_One_Hot_Lumbersexual 3 Porn_Star_Colby_Keller_Is_One_Hot_Lumbersexual 4 Porn_Star_Colby_Keller_Is_One_Hot_Lumbersexual 5 Porn_Star_Colby_Keller_Is_One_Hot_Lumbersexual 6 Porn_Star_Colby_Keller_Is_One_Hot_Lumbersexual

Today’s Gratuitous Pic: Ryan Phillippe on Instagram

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Is Your City Riddled With STDs? You’ll Be Surprised

Check out the interactive map here.

If you wonder if that trick you brought home gave you the clap, or if your crabs came with your Grindr hookup, this map and study will help you determine the odds of contracting an STD based on your city. The top 10 are listed below.

With Alabama leading the charge, the state's leadership should stop griping about same-sex marriage and work on reducing infection between hetero (and gay) couples. Here are the Top 10 U.S. cities:

You can check out how your state ranks here.


Chicken Soup for the Gay Soul


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