NOM’s Abhorrent Behavior Called Out Again

Steve Silverman calls out NOM for what it is: “a late-stage cancer.” He writes:

The National Organization for Marriage conducted a dark and troubling experiment in Iowa on Tuesday. Funded by secret donors from out of state, NOM and other anti-gay groups poured an estimated $1 million into attack ads in a bold attempt to punish three Supreme Court justices for ruling in 2009 that the state constitution applied equally to heterosexuals and homosexuals, and that both groups have an equal right to marry. The effects of this experiment were intended to resonate beyond the boundaries of Iowa, and to send a warning to judges from coast-to-coast: If you try to defend the constitutional rights of this particular minority, your seat on the bench will be at risk.

Even more distressingly, NOM’s experiment in monkey-wrenching one of the basic checks and balances of American democracy — an independent judiciary — was triumphantly successful. For the first time since the state’s current system was adopted in 1962, Iowa voters chose to remove a sitting Supreme Court justice; and in this case, not one, but three: Chief Justice Marsha Ternus, and Justices David Baker and Michael Streit.

It is hopeful to see exposure of NOM outside of the gay bloggers and press. It’s time for people (especially supporters) to understand what the National Organization of Marriage, Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher are all about.

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  • erik

    “Late-Stage Cancer,” that means it’s about to kill its host, does it? :(