Justin Bieber Tweets Shirtless Workout Pic

Now you’ll be able to get sleep.

Justin Bieber tweeted a photo of himself yesterday shirtless and at the gym to share his workout progress with fans. Interestingly enough, he wore the same distasteful overalls to a meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to receive a Diamond Jubilee Medal.

While his muscles are respectful, wearing the grungy outfit to meet the head honcho of Canada was not. Someone needs to slap this kid.

And he still looks like a lesbian.

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  • Damien TC

    Um ….. eeewwwww

    And what the FUCK was he thinking THAT was respectful wardrobe decision making to meet a national leader…. He needs to be king-hit.

    I’m sorry. SHE needs to be king-hit.

  • Damien TC

    PS – and how can he NOT be gay…..?? I haven’t seen a gayer looking straight man since………………. since……….. Justin Timberlake…. and I **still** believe he is on the DL – hence the predominantly black entourage…